Young GOP women to Elle magazine: Don’t call us ‘Baby Palins’

It comes as somewhat of a surprise that fashion magazine Elle, which is known to feature fun, light pieces such as “Alexander Wang’s New Nail Polish” and “Khloe [Kardashian’s] Killer Calves (And Thighs!),” would publish a four-page spread on conservative women and politics.

What’s not shocking, however, is that Elle would fall into the mainstream media trap and arbitrarily categorize a group of right-leaning young women as “Baby Palins.”

This month, the mag printed a story called “The Best and the Rightest,” which includes interviews from accomplished conservative females such as “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns” creator Regis Giles, Fox commentator S.E. Cupp, conservative radio host Dana Loesch, Independent Women’s Forum executive director Carrie Lukas and Network of enlightened Women (NeW) founder Karin Agness.

The article, which dubs the aforementioned women “Baby Palins,” says the interviewed females “share almost every goal of feminism” and “want to be—and in many cases, already believe themselves to be —’empowered’: educationally, financially, sexually. But they resist any effort to put advancing their fellow women front and center.” [DailyCaller]

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