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(MediaQuire) RENO, NEVADA — Saying you want to get healthier is one thing. But actually committing to it, following it through and changing your lifestyle for the better is something else entirely.

People too often find it difficult to stick with a new routine, but MYTRAK Health System Inc.’s revolutionary fitness device gives people a technological solution to help them stick to their fitness resolutions.

Everyday we engage in activities that have been enhanced by technology, and our health and well being is no different. The precise and easy to use MYTRAK PersonalLifestyle Activity Coach (M2) is pushing people to lead healthier lives by tracking and analyzing the user’s lifestyle while they are doing whatever it is they do — spending time with their kids, gardening, shovelling snow, playing a sport or even while they are at work.

“In the past I’ve seen people pledging to get fit in the New Year, and after a month or a week, they’ve quit,” says Reed Hanoun, President and CEO of MYTRAK Health System Inc. “The real secret to committing to your new fitness goal is based entirely on motivation. Without the proper motivation and coaching to push your body to exercise, you, like thousands of people before you, will have a hard time working toward your goal. At MYTRAK, we understand that the ultimate in fitness motivation is in giving real time results to show how you are progressing toward your daily goal.”

When people join MYTRAK, they are given their own Personal Lifestyle Activity Coach (M2) and assigned to a trainer who helps them formulate a health plan based on their goals of weight loss, improving health, feeling better, increasing energy or simply increasing their physical activity. The M2 collects data and shares it remotely so the client’s progress can be monitored and personal guidance can be offered to ensure they stay on track to succeed.

While wearing the M2, the member simply presses the button on the device to instantly see their health circle. The more green the circle is, the closer they are to reaching their daily goal. This simple feedback is addictive and easy to learn regardless of age, language or goal. The M2 makes exercise fun, interactive and as simple as going for green every day.

“We are excited to be able to help people lose weight, improve their health or simply feel better by making small changes in the way they live,” says Hanoun. “No matter where they live, what lifestyle they lead or what their goals are, it all starts with changing people’s behavior and providing ways to keep people motivated.”

MYTRAK will help you change the way you live and eat, with support from professional health coaches and an online community of people who share similar goals and interests. The M2 is the missing link that people need to monitor and support them on their path to a healthier lifestyle.



MYTRAK is a lifestyle, health and wellness and weight loss solution that combines science, technology and nutrition with physical activity, supported by a team of live health coaches and an online social community.  MYTRAK services people where they live, helping them succeed by staying active throughout their day – as part of their daily routine or participating in the activities they enjoy.

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