“I have admired Andrew Cohen for many years. He is a pioneer in the field of consciousness. Andrew has brought together ancient wisdom traditions, modern cosmology, and knowledge of evolution to give us a contemporary understanding of the nature of enlightenment. I think he is one of the most important teachers of our time.” —Deepak Chopra, author of The Soul of Leadership

“If the fourteen-billion-year cosmic experiment that resulted in our lives is not to end in the next few centuries, it will require brave and brilliant steps in our spiritual evolution. With instruction at once tough and tender, Andrew Cohen gives us the inspiration and the means to accomplish the greatest of all endeavors for the human spirit. This is a spiritual masterpiece.”   —Jean Houston, PhD, author of A Mythic Life


EVOLUTIONARY ENLIGHTENMENT:  A New Path to Spiritual Awakening

By Andrew Cohen  with a foreword by Deepak Chopra

We’re on the threshold of a new kind of enlightenment, according to world-renowned spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen—one that could irrevocably transform the face of spirituality as we know it. In his latest book, EVOLUTIONARY ENLIGHTENMENT: A New Path to Spiritual Awakening (SelectBooks, September 26, 2011), Cohen presents a new definition of spiritual awakening for our contemporary world—a world characterized by exponential change and an ever-expanding appreciation for the processes of evolution. Diverging sharply from much of contemporary spirituality, which emphasizes “being in the present moment” and waking up to “the power of now,” Cohen’s evolutionary enlightenment is oriented primarily toward the future. 

Based on 25-years of work with students around the world and more than 18-years as editor in chief of the award-winning magazine EnlightenNext (formerly What Is Enlightenment?) Cohen has forged a new spiritual path, practice, and philosophy focused on awakening to what he calls “the evolutionary impulse.” His message is simple, yet profound: Life is evolution, and enlightenment is about discovering this fundamentally creative impulse as your own deepest, most authentic self. 

At the core of  EVOLUTIONARY ENLIGHTENMENT are Cohen’s Five Tenets, which will empower you to wholeheartedly participate in the process of evolution as your own spiritual practice: 

  •  Clarity of Intention – Cultivate your own intention to transform by consciously aligning with the evolutionary impulse.
  •   The Power of Volition – You are defined by the choices you make. Take responsibility for them and learn to express the best part of who you are.
  •  Face Everything and Avoid Nothing – Discover the indomitable strength and freedom that come from facing reality as it is.
  •  The Process Perspective – Awaken to the liberating recognition that every dimension of our human experience is part of one vast cosmic process.
  •  Cosmic Conscience – Discover a cosmic sense of meaning and purpose for your life.  



Is connecting through relationships the new spirituality?  According to Cohen, we are in the midst of a “postmodern predicament” – a natural result of the breakdown of traditional and religious ways of giving meaning to our lives, which has left many people spiritually and existentially adrift. The Spiritual Self-Confidence that is needed to combat this issue can, in part, be found through connection – having relationships with other people. Cohen says that the enlightenment that occurs between two people, through talking and sharing ideas is paramount. The creativity that emerges is what moves the world forward – keeps it evolving.

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