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NEW Series of Columns by Author and humorist Gina Barreca


(Hartford, CT; MediaQuire)–The Harford Courant, the largest daily newspaper in Connecticut, announced a new column by author and scholar Gina Barreca. The column debutsed on Friday, October 7 and will appear every other Friday in the newspaper and online at

In the first of her brand-new solo Friday columns for the Hartford Courant, Gina Barreca starts off making trouble by offering a solution to the nation’s tax problems. “Let’s tax men a lot, more than they’re already being taxed and let’s not tax women at all,” says Barreca, arguing that “Women are not the ones wrecking the nation’s infrastructure. We’re not the ones shooting at the ‘No U-turn’ signs on rural highways” and that “You’ll rarely find a bunch of broads gathered together attempting to create weapons of mass destruction or figuring out how to get ahead in next year’s arms race.”,0,2349078.column#tugs_story_display

Gina–called “Very, very funny. For a woman” by Dave Barry– is author of eight books including They Used to Call Me Snow White, But I Drifted, Babes in Boyland, and most recently It’s Not That I’m Bitter, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Visible Panty Lines and Conquered the World, declares that “It’s time for women to stop going Dutch when it comes to taxes. It’s been a bad date,” and suggests that the government should take cues from how women handle money: “Let the government try extreme couponing. Let it get those weapons at a two-for-one discount.”

“I’ll promise to make trouble,” says Dr. Barreca, professor of English at the University of Connecticut, where she has taught since 1987. “It will be funny, topical, and it’ll get everybody riled up for the weekend.”

Dr. Barreca has a long and rich history with The Hartford Courant including most recently the Irreconcilable Differences column with Laurence Cohen.

In her new role as solo columnist, Gina will tackle timely and trending topics ranging from politics to pop culture. Her new column appears in the “A” section of the paper.

Gina Barreca has appeared on 20/20, 48 Hours, NPR, The Today Show, Joy Behar, and Oprah to discuss gender, power, politics, and humor. Her books have been translated into seven languages.

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