Planning an Awesome 2011 Holiday Party? 

We’ve just been introduced to some delicious recipe and inspiring

decorating books. Why not try eBookFling ( to get the latest resources in decking out those halls and cooking up a storm! 

eBookFling allows you to borrow thousands of ebooks from other readers across the US who have been taught to be nice enough to share (for 14 days that is, through the Kindle and Nook’s 2-week lending capability!). No ereader? No problem! Members can read their eBooks using the free Nook App and Kindle App on iPad or Android tablet, iPhone/Android/Blackberry phone, or any Mac/PC. Just prop up that tablet, laptop or phone on the countertop – keep the timer on the turkey, rock out around that Christmas tree and sing so loudly around the menorah that the neighbors complain!

Christmas eBooks:
Hanukkah eBooks:
Recipe eBooks:

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