Love Tango?  Then “Shut Up and Dance!”  I recently met this author, Jamie Rose via Twitter and wanted to share with you.

Shut Up and Dance! The Joy of Letting Go of the Lead—On the Dance Floor and Off

Jamie Rose’s book Shut Up and Dance! The Joy of Letting Go of the Lead—On the Dance Floor and Off, is a memoir/self help book about how learning the “followers” role in the Argentine tango changed her life and relationship for the better. Also an actor, Jamie has worked extensively in theater, television and film.  Her many TV credits include starring roles in the series Falcon Crest and Lady Blue, and recurring characters on St. Elsewhere and Chicago Hope.  Some favorite film credits include Tightrope with Clint Eastwood, Chopper Chicks In Zombie Town with Billy Bob Thornton, and Route 30 Too! which will be released Summer 2012. Recent TV credits include guest stars on House MD and Two and a Half Men.

At forty-five, Jamie Rose was an independent, take-charge woman whose career as an actor was going nicely, with frequent roles on hit television shows and in films. But there was one area of her life that wasn’t working: her love life. Although she was ready to get married, her boyfriend wasn’t. His reason? They fought too much–and unfortunately, he was right. But something magical happened when she signed up for tango lessons: she began to understand that letting someone else take the lead from time to time wasn’t giving up, but rather, “letting go.” In this wise and funny book, Rose shares with readers the life lessons she’s learned from tango and other great partner dance traditions.

Dance changed Rose’s life, and she discovered that she wasn’t the only one. Over and over, the women she encountered at dance halls–women from age twenty to ninety_three–told her how falling in love with dance helped them fall in love with life again. The secret? Whereas before they may have worried that if they let go of their grip on things for a moment, everything would fall apart, now they knew that sometimes letting go of the lead is the best way to keep things together”–especially in a relationship. For anyone who has ever marveled at Fred and Ginger up on the silver screen (how could they be so in sync?), SHUT UP AND DANCE shows how to dance their way into a happier, sexier life–even if they never step onto a dance floor.


What we all discovered is that “following” isn’t what we thought it was; it isn’t having no opinion–being a doormat. Rather, it’s an equal and necessary part of being a couple–on the dance floor and off. And we don’t have to always follow just because we’re women, but by never spending time in that role, we’re missing out on a really wonderful possibility.

Praise for Shut Up and Dance! The Joy of Letting Go of the Lead—on the Dance Floor and off:

“Rose is gifted with a sharp and humorous pen…charming debut…”  -Kirkus Reviews

“In her delicious new memoir, SHUT UP AND DANCE, Jamie Rose turns feminism on its head by relating how she became stronger and more secure by yielding, first on the dance floor and then in real life.   Like the tango, the advice in this book is simple, elegant, brilliant, and very sexy.

 “ -Martha Frankel, author Hats & Eyeglasses, Brazilian Sexy

“Jamie Rose has created a compulsively readable, refreshingly helpful book about how to get out of a relationship rut. Readers can start putting her suggestions into practice before they even reach the final page.”  – Hope Edelman, author,  The Possibility of Everything, Motherless Daughters

Shut Up and Dance! is a smart, funny meditation on dance, love, and one woman’s path to happiness. Jamie Rose leads, inspires, and entertains ––she’s a writer of engaging warmth–– but like any good dancer, she makes it all look easy. I’m reminded of the line from When Harry Met Sally,  “I’ll have what she’s having.” In fact, I’m off to find my tango shoes right now!  –Christina Haag, actor, New York Times bestselling author of Come to the Edge

“Jamie Rose’s book is awesome. Doing the “ leader” role in partner dancing taught me more than just how to straighten my legs and have fluidity in my arms, it taught me to be more confident and powerful in everything I do…When you dance with a partner, the girl’s the picture and the guy’s the frame. And it’s the same in real life. A picture without a frame is like a basketball hoop with no net–they work in sync.”  Kyle Massey, actor, DWTS contestant season 11.

“There’s something so wonderful about dancing with a great leader…I think of myself as a strong, forward-thinking woman, but every so often it is really nice to feel taken care of.”  – Samantha Harris, co-host “Dancing With the Stars” (seasons 2-9), correspondent and fill-in anchor “Entertainment Tonight”

“Partner dancing is one of the last places in our society where male/female conventional roles still hold. and is an example of how society can progress while still holding on to a basic value.. There’s something wonderful about old school.”  –Steve Guttenberg, actor, DWTS contestant season 6

About the Author

JAMIE ROSE has been a professional actor for more than thirty-five years. Perhaps best known for her regular rose as Vickie Gioberti in the 1980s prime-time hit series Falcon Crest, she more recently has had lead roles in multiple films and numerous television shows, including ER, NYPD Blue, House, and Two and a Half Men. In love with the same man for more than thirteen years, and married to him for the past five, she lives in Los Angeles with him, their cat, Fenway, and approximately twenty-five pairs of tango shoes.


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