Margaret Iuculano for Hillsborough County Commissioner

“Margaret is a bright, energetic lady with integrity second to none. Her business experience shows she has a brain. Her non-profit endeavor shows she has a heart. Her love of her family shows that she is real.”  -  David Hurley, President, Landmark Engineering & Surveying Corporation

“Margaret has impeccable character – a much needed trait in the political arena. I strongly endorse her bid to serve as Hillsborough County Commissioner for District Six. Her record of service and perseverance will make a great contrast to the incumbent commissioner.” - Travis Horn, CEO, Grand Slam Communications

(MediaQuire – Tampa) Margaret Iuculano believes in creating a more friendly business environment that will help recruit more companies to Hillsborough County and create more jobs for the citizens who live here. She believes Hillsborough is unique with its water ways, port authority and affordable housing. All making Hillsborough County a great place to live and work. She also believes we must support the businesses we have here today and help them to expand and get our people back to work. Her business background will help her to work with other businesses to create jobs.

Margaret Iuculano states the next 100 million people being added to America is our most positive economic indicator and we must follow this trend within our our community. Our County and Government must  support this effort and not hinder it. Our Government can not create jobs but they can destroy them. She has an economic development plan that includes offering Small Business Summits that will help businesses stay afloat during tough economic times. “We need proven leadership, and people who have created jobs in the past and understands what our Business Community needs to expand and survive in tough economic times,” Margaret Iuculano explains, “believes that strong families are directly related to strong businesses and a healthy economy.”

Small businesses employ 65% of Tampa Bay’s families, due to current job losses our families structures are being weakened. The ability to buy food, pay for medicine, and basic necessities are making life a daily struggle and domestic violence in on the rise.

Our families and our small businesses need someone who will advocate for them. All city, county, state and federal government should be finding ways to get people back to work! It is the first priorty. “We can not shrug our shoulders and float along with a stagnant economy and assume our social and economic problems are out of our control.” Our children and grandchildren deserve leaders who are ready to rise up and face these challenges.

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“Margaret is a devoted wife and mother and knows personally how important this is to creating a healthy environment for our families. Margaret is truly a builder-positive in her outlook, boundless in enthusiasm, wise in her approach. But she will call out waste, needless roadblocks and regressive thinking-she is courageous, experienced and knowledgeable and will not be afraid to speak out on behalf of us-the people of Hillsborough County.”  - Ginny Cates, Owner, Virginia Cates Consulting

About Margaret Iuculano
Currently as Founder and Acting Executive Director for Angels for Foster Kids, Margaret has leveraged her business acumen and strategic partnership building skills to develop a successful non-profit organization from the ground up. She has established the operating infrastructure, raised seed and operating capital, and created public awareness through extensive public speaking and authorship of My God Box, a book spotlighting foster care issues from which all proceeds accrue to the organization.

Margaret’s earlier career includes work as a CEO for a software consulting and training services company. Prior to that she has served as V.P. for a National Training Organization, Program Manager for a fortune 500 company overseeing a 500M software implementation, worked for a healthcare software company as a Consultant and worked as a Practice Manager for a Consulting Services Company.  She has a strong business background that encompasses small to big business experience.


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