This morning I received this email – it got my interest and I’m sure it’ll make you take a look!

With Valentine’s just days away, LinkedIn Connection Director Nicole Williams has drawn some parallels between the online search for love, and the online search for a job.  Please consider sharing Nicole’s tips, summarized below, with your readers:

Looking good: Like online dating, you should not use an inappropriate profile picture – for example, one that is more than five years old. It helps if people can actually recognize you the first time you meet face to face! The best picture for your LinkedIn page is a simple head-shot of you in professional attire.

It’s all about the match: Having standards makes you more attractive in your personal life, and the same goes for your professional life. Define your dream job, follow companies you’re interested in and identify groups that contain your industry’s best and brightest.

Tell me about yourself: Like the online dating world, the best place to start is with whom you’re trying to attract. Potential matches (and employers) only care about the talents and interests that are going to benefit their business. Your love of chardonnay and Virgos isn’t likely to be relevant.

Get recommended: Make sure you’re connected to the people who reflect you, your interests and who you aspire to be. They’re precisely the people who can hook you up with a solid recommendation.

Nicole’s thoughts in full can be found on the LinkedIn blog here:


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