A Novel of Letters

 By Paola Calvetti


“P.O. BOX LOVE is a wonderfully engrossing and romantic novel that takes the reader from Milan to New York and back again through the letters Federico and Emma mail to each other. Paola Calvetti’s book will captivate your mind and steal your heart.”  —Isabella Rossellini


“Emma’s loving descriptions of her bookshop—its content and layout, staff and customers—are an ode to the written word and a wonderful backdrop. Calvetti’s evocative, unhurried prose is fittingly old-fashioned compared to modern communication, and bibliophiles will delight in the setting, passionate book talk, and fanciful anecdotes about the Morgan library and its first librarian, Belle de Costa Green, J.P. Morgan’s mistress.”—Publishers Weekly


(MediaQuire) Emma is a hopeless romantic. Though she has gone through a messy divorce, she has never stopped believing that true love exists. Her quaint bookshop in Milan, Italy, Dreams & Desires, specializes in love and offers books for every type of romantic interlude, such as unrequited love, romantic trysts, and long-distance love affairs. Emma does not own a cell phone or use a computer; she believes that those who love her will know how to find her. And one day her first love does find her and reaches out by leaving a post-it with his name and phone number in one of the books in her shop in the center of Milan. Thus begins a love story that would surely earn itself a spot on one of Emma’s shelves: P.O. BOX LOVE: A Novel of Letters by Paola Calvetti.

Emma and her high school love Federico rekindle their love through letters. Federico now lives in New York City, an architect working on the reconstruction of the Morgan Library. His letters bring alive the bustling city of New York, share his excitement with his work and express his immense sorrow after September 11th. Emma’s letters back to Federico are filled with the romance of Italy and the humorous tales of life in her bookshop. Once a year the two lovers meet on a small island off the coast of France to bask in their love. But are letters and a few days a year together enough to sustain a transatlantic relationship?

Readers will cherish the look into Italian culture and enjoy the references to classic literature throughout the novel. P.O. BOX LOVE is an ode to the quintessential love story and the perfect Valentine’s Day read.

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