Author sheds new light on what it really means to be alive  

(MediaQuire) It’s rare when someone bares their soul with such startling honesty and grace, that you cannot remain unaffected and instead find yourself transformed, enhanced and able to look at your own life with a reawakened passion.

Bruce F. Rosen’s new book If You Ever Need Me, I Won’t Be Far Away, is a  guide for those who want to learn, in the words of the author “what it means to be really alive”.  The book chronicles what is it like being raised by a psychic mom, who supported her family by reading tea leaves for the famous including Marlon Brando. She faced many trials and tribulations, from her husband’s affair, an attempted rape, to a battle with cancer.  Yet, she loved life.  Forgiving his father and living fully with his mother’s joy, Rosen shows that even a difficult path through life can be successful.

Rosen pays tribute to his family and their uniqueness…a mom who foretold who he would marry and who helped rich and poor alike with her psychic ability; a sister who inherited her mother’s second sight, and his uncle, a Jewish gangster stock promoter, that survived a bomb that exploded under his bed the night before he was to testify in a headline grabbing trial.

He reflects on the journeys he has taken and the memorable experiences he had while traveling around the world, such as Costa Rica where merchant marine seamen gave him his first introduction to ladies of the night; London, when he was blocks away from the terrorist bombings; and Bangkok, during the coup, and train hopping cross country as a teen.

He strives to understand why things happen the way they do, including a successful marriage of 25 years, a marriage that came to an end. He evokes the signs of the times through his passion for sports, music, spirituality, and politics and weaves the music of his generation into the narrative, bringing forth the memories of where we were and what we were feeling at certain times in our lives.  

Prevailing through his losses, he reaches the conclusion and shows how to be happy and successful stressing that you should never give up on your dream, because it’s who you are. His goal is to inspire people to rediscover themselves and harness the joy that surrounds them every day.

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