(MediaQuire) Phoenix/Portland, Maine — “Skinny White Woman”, a new book release from author Stasia Minkowsky and published by Mill City Press, is now available at booksellers around the country and online.  Retailing for $16.95, this self-reflective memoir is a raw and unrefined look at the human journey to find the spirit within.

“My goal in writing this very raw and honest look at six of the most difficult years of my life is to let others know that they are not alone in their struggles,” said Minkowsky.  “I hope that my personal story helps inspire and encourage others to overcome their own adversities, whether it be a rocky romantic relationship, family angst, drug or alcohol dependency, unhappiness in a career or just feeling lost in life.”

“Skinny White Woman” chronicles six years of Minkowsky’s life, beginning with her rising career in the Hollywood film industry.  After falling into drugs and alcohol, as well as unhappiness in her career, she moves to Arizona, where a psychic pronounces her a lightworker.  Desperate for answers, Stasia is guided to her first Native American sweat lodge, where she ultimately finds her sobriety amongst other participants also in recovery.  Her once guarded exterior begins to unravel with the power of the Native American ceremonies and the path known as the “Red Road,” both of which are rarely, if ever, written about.  Throughout this journey, Stasia faces both guidance and resistance from the Native American community for being a rare white woman on the reservation. She struggles with the lure of her old lifestyle, and faces many bumps in the road of life with boyfriends, family, friends and spirituality.

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About Stasia Minkowsky

Stasia Minkowsky is a ceremonialist, metaphysical teacher and intuitive counselor with a background as a certified energy work practitioner. She has been called upon to conduct hundreds of ceremonies across the nation that include: baby blessings, coming of age ceremonies, weddings, crossing-over ceremonies, vision quests, sweat lodges, house blessings, sacred pipe ceremonies, talking circles as well as ceremonies specific to individual needs. She has assisted women in conscious conception as well as birth and enjoys being present to help guide new souls onto the planet.

Minkowsky has been a leader at women’s retreats, workshops (such as The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing), drug and alcohol recovery groups and currently teaches courses on Metaphysics/ Universal Consciousness and Meditation. She specializes in working with people of all cultural and religious backgrounds. Her passion is for creating sacred spaces where people are inspired and uplifted to empower themselves.

Minkowsky has been sober since 2001. Skinny White Woman is her first nonfiction novel. She currently lives between Maine and Arizona.

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