Introducing Edward De Avila Ph.D. – Author, Psychologist, Worldwide Traveler and Survivor

(MediaQuire) Without either a high school diploma or GED, Ed De Avila obtained a Ph.D. in developmental psychology and has been published widely on issues relating to language, culture, and schooling. He has lectured at major American universities such as Stanford, University of California, Harvard, and Columbia, he has testified before congress on national assessment, and served as a senior consultant to state and federal educational agencies.

Dr. De Avila has won grants and awards from the Ford Foundation, Canada Council, US Office of Education and others. He co-developed a Peabody award-winning national children’s television series, and co-authored one of the most widely used language proficiency tests in the United States.
Ed’s latest book is an autobiographical work entitled ‘Spread Thin & Moving Fast’:
It is an unlikely story about the assimilation of a multicultural urban street kid, surviving the Second World War when his Irish Mother abandons him and his Mexican Father goes to war. As he wanders through the Los Angeles basin, from South Central to West LA to Beverly Hills with an innate sense of survival coupled with a wildly self-destructive streak, he turns pool hustler in adolescence, and dope dealing and petty criminal in young adulthood. With the help of felons and lowlifes, artists, pimps, actors, athletes, musicians and scientists, he manages to stay one step ahead of his demons and the law. Through unlikely events, lucky encounters and hard work, he discovers new worlds. The book is a memoir of growing up in 1950’s LA, it is a lively and fast-paced story of surviving a life that could have led to a dead end in the gangs and barrio that trapped so many in those times. Instead you see a smart, tough, and tenacious kid use any means possible to get out of the net of poverty.

When he is not traveling around the world, Ed De Avila lives part of the year with his wife Dr. Patricia-Arce in the Bay Area overlooking San Francisco where he plays golf and makes Japanese style furniture. Otherwise, he is on the beach with Patricia in Oaxaca three or four months a year, where he plays with his grand kids, reads fat books and counts the waves.

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