6 Gross Food Ingredients You Didn’t Know You Were Eating

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(MediaQuire)  – ReadersDigest.com /  Pink slime is just the beginning…Reader’s Digest collected six more gross ingredients that might be in your next bite of food. Select gross examples include:

  • Ammonia – Regardless of the supposed safety of ammonia in beef, you probably don’t like the idea of ingesting a product more commonly used to clean floors. Ammonia may also show up in small amounts in peanut butter, chips and other foods.
  • Beaver glands – You’ll find castoreum, the dried perineal glands of beavers, used as a strawberry, raspberry or vanilla flavoring in some candy, gum, gelatin, and pudding.
  • Insect parts – The female Lac beetle gives us the ingredient shellac—sometimes called “confectioner’s glaze”—used to make candy and fruit (and furniture) shiny. Carmine, commonly used as a red food coloring for fruit juices and candy, is made from the shells of desert beetles. 

Check out the full list here:  http://www.rd.com/slideshows/6-gross-food-ingredients-you-didnt-know-you-were-eating/?trkid=hp-quick-reads#slideshow=slide1