“Call it fiction, but this collection is achingly true to life when it comes to the
many ways mothers and daughters grow together and apart, over and over again.”
—O, the Oprah Magazine

“The characters are irresistible. . . . Serber writes with exquisite patience and sensitivity, and is an
expert in the many ways that love throws people together and splits them apart, often at the same time.”
—Wall Street Journal

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(MediaQuire) We thought you’d like to know about a  stunning new collection of short stories from debut author Natalie Serber that I think will be of much interest to you and your readers.  In Shout Her Lovely Name, Natalie Serber has crafted the most precise and moving portrayal of female relationships that I have ever encountered on the page.

“Coming of age is a painful and beautiful experience in Natalie Serber’s hands. These are funny and poignant pieces, building a book that feels novelistic in sweep, yet true to the precision and direct aim of the short story. A real pleasure.” —Antonya Nelson

Mothers and daughters ride the familial tide of joy, regret, loathing, and love in these stories of resilient and flawed women. In a battle between a teenage daughter and her mother, wheat bread and plain yogurt become weapons. An aimless college student, married to her much older professor, sneaks cigarettes while caring for their newborn son. On the eve of her husband’s fiftieth birthday, a pilfered fifth of rum, an unexpected tattoo, and rogue teenagers leave a woman questioning her place. And in a suite of stories, we follow capricious, ambitious single mother Ruby and her cautious, steadfast daughter Nora through their tumultuous life—stray men, stray cats, and psychedelic drugs—in 1970s California.

Gimlet-eyed and emotionally generous, achingly real and beautifully written, these unforgettable stories lay bare the connection and conflict in families. Shout Her Lovely Name heralds the arrival of a powerful new writer.


Here’s what others are saying about Shout Her Lovely Name:

“From the very first page, this extraordinary collection of short stories grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go. It is filled with poignant, thought-provoking observations on the delicate yet unbreakable bond between mothers and daughters. Serber has given readers a remarkable, heart-felt book to be savored, shared and passed on from one generation to another.”

—Anderson McKean, Page & Palette, Fairhope, AL


“Coming of age is a painful and beautiful experience in Natalie Serber’s hands. These are funny and poignant pieces, building a book that feels novelistic in sweep, yet true to the precision and direct aim of the short story. A real pleasure.”

—Antonya Nelson


“Shout Her Lovely Name joins the ranks of the finest books ever to address relations between daughters and their mothers—equal parts love and sandpaper. I ached for these characters and cried at their hard-earned moments of joy. A book to make you marvel that someone really does understand, to make you grateful that she wrote it all down so fiercely, so tenderly.”

—Robin Black, author of If I Loved You I Would Tell You This


“In the complexities of family triumphs and catastrophes, Natalie Serber is always achingly specific. Between mothers and daughters, women and their lovers, she misses nothing, and in all her scenes, the reader feels the true breath of life.”
Charles Baxter

“Serber’s stellar first collection packs an emotional wallop right from the start...sharp, somber, and sparkling commentary… As provocative as it is poignant, Serber’s searingly honest depiction of the complex, contentious, and confusing bonds at the heart of all families heralds an exceptional new talent.”
—Booklist (starred)

“As its title implies, Natalie Serber’s collection Shout Her Lovely Name is a triumphant battle cry of hard-won victory over the stalemate and injuries between mothers and daughters. She leaves the reader amazed at the tenacity, tenderness, and truth of her characters.”
—Siobhan Fallon

“These are wise and graceful stories that stay true to their hopeful, fallible characters. Shout Her Lovely Name is beautifully crafted and a real pleasure to read.”
—Jean Thompson

“In the tradition of Lorrie Moore and Tobias Wolff,  Natalie Serber’s stories uncover the secret hearts of seemingly ordinary people.   Funny, heart-felt, and keenly perceptive, this is a book worth shouting about.”
—Dan Chaon

“An impressive debut, with insightful, sometimes painful truths about the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters.”
—Library Journal

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