Journey to the enchanting world of the Regency Ball, just as Jane Austen would have known:
A Dance With Jane Austen
How A Novelist and Her Characters Went to the Ball  
by Susannah Fullerton

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(MediaQuire) Jane Austen loved to put on her satin slippers, white gloves and muslin gown and go off for an evening of fun at a formal ball. The Bennett girls of Pride and Prejudice share their creator’s delight, scanning the room for future husbands! Dancing was an exciting, dare we say sexy activity for Austen and her characters, and it plays a central role in all of her novels.
Drawing on contemporary accounts and illustrations as well as a close reading of Austen’s novels and personal correspondence, Fullerton takes readers through the many stages of a Regency Ball just as Jane Austen and her characters would have known. In the process, Fullerton reveals fascinating insights into what dance reveals about status and character in the ballrooms of Austen’s fiction.

Susannah Fullerton will be speaking at the 2012 Jane Austen Society of North American Annual Meeting in New York City, October 5-7

Susannah Fullerton is President of the Jane Austen Society of Australia and has lectured extensively around the world on Jane Austen’s life and novels. She is also the author of Jane Austen and Crime and lives in Sydney, Australia.

Available October 2012
ISBN: 9780711232457
$24.95 • 144pp
Trade Cloth

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