Creative Publishing international has just released two new fun books on felting: Felted Feathered Friends and The Complete Photo Guide to Felting. These two new books will teach felters of all levels new techniques and skills.  Whether it is learning to make clothing, jewelry, sculptures or little birds these two books will satisfy any crafter.

 Projects for NeedFelted Feathered Friends

Techniques le-Felted Birds

By Laurie Sharp

 (MediaQuire) Felted Feathered Friends (Creative Publishing international, July 2012, hardcover, 19.99) welcomes readers to the amazing world of needle-felted birds. The wide variety of color, texture, and shape of birds provides endless inspiration for needle felting.  The materials and tools are easy to use and are readily available since needle felting is gaining in popularity as a hobby and art form.

In Felted Feathered Friends, readers will learn how to sculpt wool roving with a barbed felting needle to make birds of every kind.  Using only wool, a needle, and a foam pad, crafters can create 20 unique birds organized from easy to more complicated designs.  With clear instructions and superb photography, author Laurie Sharp and her husband, business partner, and photographer Kevin Sharp lead readers though each step. Whether creating  light-as-a- feather birds for display all around the house, perching  a nesting robin on a window sill, hanging  a crimson cardinal in a holiday tree, suspending mini birds in an easy breezy mobile, or even topping a wedding cake with two love birds, readers will learn that the sky is the limit.

Laurie Sharp is a full-time artist and has been needle felting for more than 10 years. She has been featured on HGTV’s That’s Clever! and her work has been shown in a number of galleries in the Pacific Northwest where she lives. Laurie also sells her creations from her website

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