Take the edge off the heat at The Ice Cream Hotel! 

Johnston Front CoverIrresistible new children’s book features an edible hotel made completely of ice cream, along with a hot fudge pool and the best ice cream party the world’s ever seen!

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(MediaQuire) “When life just seems blah, and lacking in flavor,
When the colors of your world leave nothing to savor…
When it’s hotter than hot, and you’re a
Sweat-sticky mess,

And there’s no place to escape at your present address….”  ~ Excerpt from The Ice Cream Hotel

Whatever your flavor of choice, the debut children’s book by Jack Johnston is sure to leave you clamoring for another scoop.

In The Ice Cream Hotel, a place where all ice cream-oriented fantasies come true, readers journey to an imaginary place featuring an edible hotel made completely of ice cream. Who could resist this one-of-a-kind kid’s resort with a twist?

Every floor’s a new flavor,
Every door’s made of cone,
Every bed’s topped with whipped cream,
Every kid gets their own!

What’s more, everything’s edible at the Ice Cream Hotel, from the windows and bricks to the hot fudge pool, and this hotel even allows pets! That’s a good thing, because when you’re finally full and ready to sleep, you can curl up with your pooch. After all, nights can be chilly when everything around you is made of ice cream.

From the Reach for the Stars Sprinkles Room to the world’s finest ice cream party in the great hall-of-halls, every page of The Ice Cream Hotel is packed with colorful, whimsical drawings by Annette Cable. Adding to the fun, Annette’s luscious-looking illustrations are packed with the doggie hero’s tennis balls for children to find and count.

For kids who just can’t get enough, free coloring pages, word searches, puzzles, and more are available at www.theicecreamhotel.com.

Jack comments, “Every kid in the world – grown-up kids included – would like to stay at the Ice Cream Hotel. Reading about it is the next best thing.” For more information, email Jack at theicecreamhotel@yahoo.com.

Jack Johnston likes to make things, paddle canoes, read to his kids, and basically spend a lot of time with his family. He lives in Culver, Indiana.

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