Are Facebook apps a must-have feature for brands?

the new must have accessory:  custom facebook apps

(MediaQuire) ATLANTA, Ga.   MediaQuire has  its own team of tech gurus to help customize their clients’ Facebook Apps, which are  uniquely designed  to better-integrate Facebook within a company’s  operations.

“Facebook Apps are the new social media accessory for branding,” says Victoria lynn Weston, MediaQuire President and Founder. “You can to take your brand to the next level on Facebook by engaging your audience with your own customized Facebook App.” In addition to designing apps to encourage new LIKES such as coupon offers, MediaQuire offers something more.

“We created a political app for our client, Margaret Iuculano who wanted an app to “invite friends” that could be embedded within one of her customized Facebook Tabs.   If you’re logged into Facebook, you can view the app here.   [Facebook Friend Inviter App]   “Custom Facebook Apps aren’t cheap, but we offer our clients competitive fees that make it worthwhile,” says Weston.  “You can create a Facebook App for a variety of uses including an app that allows users to have weeky motivational quotes displayed on their Walls with your company logo displayed.”

In a recent article published by By Jesse Stanchak, “For some brands, an app is practically essential to a healthy Facebook presence.” If you can build an app that takes your brand to the next level – and I’m sure the 22% of our fans who said “Yes” are doing just that – then go forth and prosper.

Apps can be powerful tools, but they must be equally powerful for both the brand and its fans if they’re going to find a wide user base.” Most of us would agree that social media is here to stay, but the challenge is how to best keep your audience focused on your brand, its services and products. Weston believes, “social media marketing and engagement is key to keeping your audience engaged and attracting new people.   If you can entertain them with a unqiue Facebook App, why not?” MediaQuire also can design Facebook Apps like Clint Eastwood’s latest film, “Trouble with the Curve.”  This app was designed for Facebook friends to invite their friends and in doing so, the movie information is sent via private message to their select friend or posted on their FB Wall.

Another way to engage your audience is offering coupons.  Doggie grooming, car washes, hair salons and restaurants can keep their customers happy by offering coupons or having new customers LIKE their business page in return they are rewarded with a coupon to print or use via their smartphones. *Click to see  screenshots of Facebook Apps.   

Social media like Facebook can become a powerful business driver, including your branded app to have friends share your message is an important tool. Contact MediaQuire today and let us create your branded app.   [CONTACT]