(MediaQuire) Can corporate corruption lead to war? What if a politically wired corporation set out to start a war to advance its own economic interests? What if the only person who can stop it is an ordinary citizen? Should she risk everything, including her life and the lives of her family members, to stop them?
Mari Passananti  THE K STREET AFFAIR (Rutland Square Press, January 8, 2013) is an explosive thriller that explores secret offshore money laundering and terror finance by politicians and their corporate friends. Hours after a crippling attack rocks Washington, D.C., Lena Mancuso, a talented young associate at one of the country’s best law firms, finds federal agents at her door, bearing unbelievable news. Lena’s clients may have financed the murder of hundreds of civilians.The FBI wants Lena’s insider access to spy on her firm’s high-profile roster of international clients, whose ranks include a disgraced K Street lobbyist, a flamboyant Russian oil baron and the future Saudi king unlikely bedfellows linked by common interests in a massive multinational corporation. A corporation that seeks to control the world oil markets and install one of their own in the Oval Office. Helping the FBI means Lena will endanger herself and everyone she loves, but refusing them feels unthinkable. Armed with a mix of smarts, intuition and grit she never knew she possessed, Lena will risk everything in a race to stop a catastrophic chain of events.