Inspiring children’s book encourages big dreams and confidence 

• Dream It • Believe It  • Work Hard For It •  Achieve It

Get ready for a fantastical trip around the world of imagination with an ambitious boy named Zack! 

 (MediaQuireAward winning, Ambition’s Not An Awful Word is an inspiring tale that contains humorous rhymes that compare and contrast astoundingly vivid visions of achievement with the challenges and difficulties that children encounter in real life.

Ambition’s Not An Awful Word focuses on young Zack Zage, who’s “busting his buttons” with excitement to speak. The subject for the day in Mrs. Grundy’s fourth grade class is, “What I want to be.” 

Unfortunately, he’s stuck at the end of the alphabet. When he finally takes center stage, he goes all out.

An astronaut! Of course! – But the cheese on the moon turned out to create a sticky situation. And Mrs. Grundy wasn’t amused.

Perhaps he’d try being a cowboy? – But not until all the stalls are cleaned and the work is done.

How about a chef? – But the only thing Zack has ever cooked is a weenie on a campfire.

A singer, an artist, doctor, lawyer, banker, or even by golly, a world-famous writer? 

To his dismay, each of his precocious dreams is met with less than glowing enthusiasm. He is beaten down by the naysayers.

Once home, defeated and exhausted, his mother reassures him with the lines, “…Ambition’s not an awful word, wipe off that silly frown. In your own imagination, you’re supposed to reign supreme. Oh, the moon left you this message,’ It’s OK to dream.’”

 Ambition’s Not An Awful Word by Zack Zage – Illustrated by Adam Watkins

List $16.95 (also available for $0.99 at all ebook stores)

Ages 6 years and up

Themes touched on include: ambition, motivation, inspiration, career exploration, negativism, bullying, understanding, and compassion.

 About the Creators

Zack Zage grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics from Duke and an MBA from UNC – Chapel Hill. He was a corporate banker, custom homebuilder, horse trainer & judge (hunter/jumper/equitation), and the inventor of: PLAY IT SMART – Chicago Tribune’s 10th Anniversary Top 10 Game of the Year 1993 and NICKEL & DIME POOL – Family Fun Magazine’s 1994 Best Game of the Year.

Adam Watkins graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2004, where he majored in Illustration. Included in his many awards are the 2004 Best in Show CCAD Art of Illustration Show and a 2006 Gold Addy Award.

 What People Are Saying

         “Ambition’s Not an Awful Word” is a rollicking ride to the moon and back with a boy named (of course!) Zack. Astoundingly vivid visions and wildly wacky narrative verse depict Zack’s incredible dreams of ‘what I want to be.’ Naturally, he jumps all over his latest boring school assignment and projects himself to the top, front and center of every imaginable stage or arena of action and performance. Though Zack is teased by his classmates for his fantastic dreams, his mother tells him the moon left him a message, ‘It’s OK to dream.’

         The extremely informative glossary will help kids who have never heard of a cummerbund, or Jackson Pollock, or the Parthenon, to enjoy Zack’s wild ambitions and dreams even more. “Ambition’s Not An Awful Word” should be required reading for all kids who dream of an exciting future.

Midwest Book Review

“Everything about this book is AMAZING! Very rarely do I read a book that speaks to me let alone one that shouts to me. This is one of those books. The quality of the book is top notch and the story is one every child, overachiever or not, should read. This book says, “Don’t listen to the naysayers. Keep your chin up. And keep dreaming.”

Ahgoo Review

“Ambition’s Not An Awful Word, with its text in humorous verse and the fabulous illustrations by Adam Watkins, will encourage children as it reminds them that “It’s OK to dream.”  And the glossary at the end is as uproariously funny as the story!”

Home School Review

Zack’s next two books, “Catching Z’s With Zack” and “Zack In The Big Apple” are just waiting to be illustrated! 

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