Longtime book publishing consultant reveals insider secrets to writing, publishing, and marketing your best-selling book


(MediaQuire) Have you ever dreamed of writing a bestseller? Most people have, but the dream tends to be elusive. Now a new book is available that can help catapult aspiring authors to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

Custom book publisher Jerrold R. Jenkins, the author of Publish to Win! and Inside the Bestsellers, has just released a new book specifically designed to aid aspiring authors in crafting that bestseller, but readers should be warned: it takes far more than great writing, great characters, or great ideas to get there.

In fact, it takes a whole lot of work, some key tools, and solid knowledge of the tricks of the trade. Jerrold summarizes it this way: crafting a bestseller requires an understanding of product, price, place, promotion, and professionalism.

Accordingly, section one of The Independent Publisher covers such topics as making your book worth the trees, grabbing attention with a great title, realizing your editorial needs, designing your book, creating and/or converting to eBooks, and price issues. How much should you charge when it’s all said and done?

Section two discusses the evolution of bookstores, working with independent booksellers, safety navigating amazon.com and other online booksellers, building your website, the ins and outs of print-on-demand, breaking into IndieBound, and managing discount outlets in the mass market.

The final section covers how to target your market, use social media, procure book reviews, use advertising and special sales, seek book awards and book clubs, break into catalog sales, use direct marketing, approach gift and specialty stores, and find alternative sales platforms, including corporations, associations, foundations, and the government.

All told, this inclusive, penetrating guide punctuated with expert advice from a man who has spent the past twenty-five years consulting, guiding, and working with authors takes readers by the hand and walks them through the intricate world of independent publishing.

Jerrold comments, “Almost anyone can be published or can publish him or herself, but only a very small percentage of that group has serious readership. The Independent Publisher helps authors avoid the pitfalls while learning the ins and outs of creating and promoting a best-selling book.”

“For years, Jenkins Group has been offering guidance to publishers of all sizes. If you are considering publishing in any format, read this book first and you will avoid many of the pitfalls that sidetrack first-time authors.” – Carolyn Sakowski, president of John F. Blair, publisher, in business since 1954

Author: Jerrold R. Jenkins, founder of the Jenkins Group, specializes in three areas: custom book publishing, post publication book marketing and distribution services, and several highly regarded book award programs. A consultant to publishers, he speaks throughout the country on the benefits of custom book publishing and the marketing opportunities that abound. He lives in Traverse City, Michigan, and is married with four children.

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