Putting Country First Is Top Priority For This ‘Dirty Harry’ Style CIA Agent

(MediaQuire) Greenwich, CT – Jeffrey Stephens’ deftly rendered new novel plunges the reader into a deadly maelstrom of secrets, lies and shadows. Targets of Revenge (Gallery Books) tells the story of top CIA agent Jordan Sandor, whose quick intelligence and lethal skills charged the pages of Stephens’ first two novels, Targets of Deception and Targets of Opportunity. Stephens paints this secretive and dangerous world in vivid and realistic language.  A natural born, exceptional storyteller, he has been endorsed by the #1 New York Times best-seller, Vince Flynn.

All the bureaucratic scolding in Washington cannot stop resourceful CIA Agent Jordan Sandor when he’s hungry for revenge. This time he’s on the hunt for the cold-blooded sociopath known as Adina, whose indiscriminate slaughter of innocent people, including Sandor’s close friend, represents humankind at its worst.

Mobilizing a team of skilled and dedicated agents to carry out this secret operation, Sandor flies in the face of his superiors’ stern warnings — ultimately crash-landing in the heart of the Venezuelan jungle. Armed with little more than a combat knife and an automatic weapon, he infiltrates Adina’s camp and discovers the ruthless terrorist is smuggling not only cocaine into the United States but a deadly substance that could cost tens of thousands of lives as well.

More focused than ever, Sandor embarks on his perilous mission, moving from South America to the Middle East, then to Russia and Mexico, eluding assassins and escaping capture in his efforts to prevent this attack. In the end, when he uncovers the realities of Adina’s deranged plan for a catastrophic assault on New York City, Sandor has no choice but to risk his life to protect his country’s safety and freedom.

Targets of Revenge leaves your heart pounding, again reminding us in terrifying detail that there  are many who will go to any length to attack the United States.

Jeffrey S. Stephens is a native New Yorker now living in Greenwich, Connecticut, with his wife, Nancy. They have two sons. For more information on Jeffrey Stephens and his riveting novels, please visit his website at: www.jeffreystephens.com.



Rave Reviews For Jeffrey Stephens And His Jordan Sandor Novels

Vince Flynn, #1 NY Times bestselling author: “…Will keep you turning the pages all the way to its explosive ending.”

Robert K. Tanenbaum, NY Times bestselling author:   “Targets of Revenge takes the Jordan Sandor series to the next level–you simply will not be able to put this book down.”

Steve Berry, NY Times bestselling author:   “Lush, lusty, fascination and smart. A pulse-pounding treat.”

Kirkus Reviews:   “Stephens lays out his story in orderly fashion, with one action scene neatly following another. The pace of [Targets of Revenge] is Bourne-like…The tale maintains our interest…[Targets of Revenge is] skillfully rendered…”

Booklist: “The novel reads like the early work of Robert Ludlum, especially during the intense action sequences…those who enjoy plots revolving around covert CIA action will stick with this one to the end.”

Scott Pearson, Suspense Magazine: “Targets of Revenge is like a big summer action movie…last-second escapes, plot twists, and double crosses that keep the plot moving quickly. Sandor wisecracks with his long-suffering boss, goes into unwinnable situations but always comes out on top, and plans meticulously but then has to improvise when everything inevitably goes south. He simply does whatever he wants…doing what he knows is right. Everyone begrudgingly goes along with him because he gets results and stops the bad guys; he’s the CIA version of Dirty Harry…Stephens does his homework, taking the time to get nice local details for the wide-ranging locations and to develop interesting secondary characters. Anyone who has enjoyed the first two will want to read Sandor’s latest adventure.”

Publishers Weekly: “In Stephens’s solid second Jordan Sandor thriller…the explosive finale will leave readers more than satisfied.”

Booklist Online: “Targets of Opportunity is a plot-driven, action-heavy thriller that will appeal to fans of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor.”

Publishers Weekly: “…regular series hero Jordan Sandor goes up against Arab-inspired terrorism. Stephens also involves the North Koreans in a major way, adding a new emphasis and making [Targets of Opportunity] fresh and original.”

The Mystery Gazette: “The stupendous second Sandor thriller …is a great action tale…The story line is fast-paced and never slows down…Readers will relish this taut suspense thriller.”

Seduced by a Book Review: “I loved the fast pace of the book. The reader gets to see from both perspective what is happening. Just like those hired to conduct the attack, however, we don’t get the full picture only pieces until the end. The book is well written…filled with lots of action, twists, and drama this book delivers a most enjoyable read. I gave this one 5 out of 5 roses.”

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