Sex, Drugs And Self-Discovery: An Existential Novel For The Facebook Generation

Drawing from his experiences in the music industry, Frederick Pinto’s new book tells a story of personal awakening in a modern world of superficial entertainment.

(MediaQuire) Houston, TX,  – The Sabbatical (Createspace), by Frederick Pinto, explores the meaning of success and deep fulfillment in a fickle, continuously changing modern world. Pinto weaves his own experiences in the music industry and thoughts on Western society into a story of personal awakening after a young man loses everything he valued.

Charles Barca spent six years getting it “all”: wild success as the owner of an online music company, a relationship with a rising artist girlfriend, and local rock star status — only to see it crashing down in one day. Set in the landscape of the drug-strewn, head-banging clubs and the slick offices of the new creative elite, his social-climbing entourage vanishes as he is removed as the resident genius of the company he himself founded, and seeks sanity and purpose in the cynical worlds of modern art and business.

The Sabbatical covers the following months of Charles’ life as he deals with self-loathing, drugs, traveling and mingling with acquaintances, both old and new. He must come face-to-face with major personal decisions as well as with ones for his company, as papers need to be signed and major labels jostle for his attention. However, he will only find clarity miles away in Brazil, as the noise around him subsides and he engages in a more authentic form of deeper self-evaluation.

Set in today’s post-apocalyptic music industry, The Sabbatical is part existential diary, part hedonistic travelogue, part music business intrigue, part anti-love story, and has been said to “take the philosophical novel into the age of social media.”

“The Sabbatical is a satirical take on our notion of success,” says Pinto. “The most surprising existential drop doesn’t happen when we fail, but when we succeed by the standards of an inauthentic culture.”

Receiving rave reviews on and on the blogosphere, the vivid characters and exceptional story-telling in The Sabbatical make for an action-packed read that is tough to put down. Please visit:

Frederick Pinto has practiced, taught, published and lectured in the fields of entertainment, music law, digital copyright and high-technology law. In 2007 and 2008, he was the columnist on digital music business issues for Royalty Week, an industry-wide online publication, and has had numerous articles published in law journals, magazines and newspapers.



Kirkus Indie: “An engrossing critique of the glitz and sham of the contemporary music industry.”

Clarion ForeWord (Five stars): “A fresh, irreverent novel … Pinto’s humor successfully skewers the absurdly superficial tone of the entertainment world … a classic quest in a modern world.”

The Huffington Post: “A clever, edgy, fast-paced take on man’s timeless quest for meaning and authenticity within a society that celebrates the superficial over creative and spiritual fulfillment. Pinto’s rapid-fire writing style and mercurial social analysis make for a very unique, thought-provoking perspective. He nailed it.” “Takes the philosophical novel into the age of social media.” “ Striking imagery, witty and often dark prose …[book] captures a moment in time that will be likened to the heyday of yuppies on Wall Street in the 80’s and the Gatsbies of the roaring 20’s.” (Five stars): “A fascinating journey, both literal and metaphorical.”


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