WinePoynt Presents Featured Wines Based on Compatibility

Featured Wines Provide Fresh, Weekly Recommendations for Users

(MediaQuire) AUSTIN, Texas —WinePoynt today announced the app’s latest Android release, which gives users access to a new “featured wine” widget on the users home page. In order to increase the chances that users will enjoy the featured wine displayed on their home page, WinePoynt created the widget so that only wines with the highest WinePoynt rating to the user will be listed.  Multiple featured wines will be chosen by WinePoynt each week, to be displayed on user home pages.
“We will choose different wines to feature each week, to span a variety of styles,” Chris Taylor, president of WinePoynt, said. “And having that diversity is important, because WinePoynt will only display a user’s featured wine if their WinePoynt rating is at least three stars.”
By displaying new wines each week and keeping the features fresh, users can quickly look at their home page for wine ideas, without choosing specific locations to view WinePoynt recommendations.
“WinePoynt can only be as accurate as the information we have about a user from their personal ratings, so it’s not a perfect science. But by rating wines that WinePoynt might not ordinarily recommend for a user, people can actually develop a more robust profile and make WinePoynt work even better for themselves, and everyone else,” Taylor, said.
The featured wine widget is prominently displayed, for Android users only (until the next iPhone release later this month), in the top left hand corner of the new home screen, next to the location-aware map. Since the featured wine changes every week, it continually provides WinePoynt users with new wines to discover. In fact, as the user’s profile changes, so will the trends regarding their featured wines.
WinePoynt is excited about the opportunity to partner directly with wineries and suppliers with this new feature.  While WinePoynt continues to find new and relevant ways to connect wine drinkers and wine makers from across the country, the app makers ultimate goal is to help people find wines they will enjoy.
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About WinePoynt

WinePoynt started in 2009 with the mission is to integrate as many relevant wine features and services which bring together and provide real value to wine consumers, retailers, restaurants/wine bars, and suppliers. They launched the smartphone application for Android and iPhone in 2011. WinePoynt learns wine preferences, makes recommendations, connects users, shares wine activity, and ensures customers can find wines they will enjoy in the locations where they are shopping or dining. Like a traveling sommelier in your pocket, the app comes in free and premium versions available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for $.99 a month or $4.99 a year. For more information go to

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