MediaQuire launches Media Expert Source Community

MediaQuire is proud to announce it’s “Media Expert Sources” community for journalists, reporters, writers and our readers.  Ever wonder how the media gets fresh story ideas and immediate quotes for on-air news reporting?  They do this by searching for “Expert Sources.”

MediaQuire now offers professionals, physicians,  authors and business owners the opportunity to be listed as an expert source in our community.  This opens the door to building media relationships and; for media to know you are available if they need a subject-matter expert.  Having your quotes readily available when writers/journalists makes it easier for them to include you as a expert source in their story. (Quotable Sources).

MediaQuire provides Media Expert Sources will include your Company Bio, Photos and videos, book synopsis, talking points and “quotes”.  This creates an ideal forum for you and your company to gain media exposure.  Equally important,  we will include your preferred “linked keywords” throughout your material with outbound links to your website and specific web pages.  This will boost your internet search engine rankings.

Get listed today and not only media professionals can read about your, but bloggers, academic researches, publishers and more – anyone who’s writing about your industry, needs to meet you.  And MediaQuire will help you make that introduction.

MediaQuire – Media xpert Sources includes:

  • Company Information
  • Bio
  • Talking points and Quotes*
  • Area of Expertise
  • Photo
  • Video clips
  • Media Clippings *(additional fees may apply)
  • Media Credits
  • Contact Information
  • Click to review and one of MediaQuire’s Expert Source

*Talking Points and Quotes: A talking point is a succinct statement designed to persuasively support one side taken on an issue.  If you have a product or service, you would design your talking points accordingly.


  • MediaQuire will link up your preferred keywords and create “alt tags/descriptions” with outbound links to your website or specific webpage.  This will help boost your internet search rankings, when people are searching for industry keywords.
  • You can update your profile any time, simply email us with your requested changes.
  • Increase your visibility by linking your expert profiles to your MediaQuire press releases.
  • Discounts on press release services.
  • Discounts on MediaQuire Business Press Rooms

Introductory pricing for Expert Source listing: Annual fee of $450

Contact us today:  800. 799. 1162 or email

About MediaQuire Expert Sources

MediaQuire Expert Sources is an online forum of experts knowledgeable on a variety of topics to serve reporters, journalists, bloggers and broadcast bookers who need guests and/or quotes to help shape their story of the day.

Experts for Journalists and Media

MediaQuire’s Expert Sources is a community of professionals and a trusted resource for journalists, reporters, free-lance writers, bloggers including academic researchers and producers seeking experts to appear on television, heard on radio and to quote for traditional print and online mediums.  When you need an expert perspective or an expert source on the news topics of the day, come to MediaQuire and meet leading experts from a variety of professions. []