Authors’ powerful debut novel delves into abuse, abandonment, and the power of forgiveness

In her new novel Scattered Letters, author Reshunniece Kline takes on the power of forgiveness.

(MediaQuire) At eight years old, Bellina Al Asma’s idyllic life is turned upside down by an unspeakable tragedy. She is forced to leave Switzerland for New York and finds herself in the chaotic home of her self-destructive, alcoholic aunt. Struggling to survive in her new country and life, Bellina finds comfort and companionship in her African American neighbor, Ms. Hickens. Together, they discover a devastating secret written in a pile of scattered letters.

With the goal of achieving her dreams, Bellina must address the challenges associated with the deep fears she feels about her loss and many years of abuse.  To deal with the horrible experiences she escapes to a fantasy world where she communicates with her deceased parents.

 An African American woman becomes the closest thing to family she has. She learns how to explore the world right in her living room and realizes that if you can’t actually go to faraway places, this is the best way to travel. 

She learns how that something as simple as a soccer ball can be the light that shines in even the darkest moments and allows one to find laugher and happiness.

Forgiveness takes time but time is not on everyone’s side.  She realizes that while you must always have an open heart for love, it takes incredible strength to confront your abuser.

Only when you forgive can you truly triumph.

“My life is pretty boring. So, I write fiction because I love being able to go anywhere and everywhere and have characters who do the same. It’s my escape,” she said. “I started writing Scattered Letters in high school. Over the years I got to grow with my character. I got to figure out my own life while I pieced together hers.”

Scattered Letters by About Reshunniece Kline /  $11.99 list (paperback) $3.99 Kindle

Reshunniece KlineReshunniece Kline has been writing since she was seventeen. She has written articles for the University South Carolina- Beaufort, newspaper The Shark. To date she has completed two screenplays and two novels.  She lives with her husband and children in Hawaii.

What People Are Saying

“This is a great story about the power of faith, forgiveness, determination, and the triumph of the human spirit. A sweet story that left me cheering for this wonderful and encouraging heroine. I highly recommend it.”  Amazon reviewer

What a story!  You are skilled at creating characters that I empathized with and felt a connection to.  My emotions often mirrored theirs; when they were joyful, so was I.  When they experienced pain, my heart broke for them.  This is a wonderful gift to have as a writer, because it keeps your readers connected and invested in your story.  I’ll be thinking about Bellina long after I am done with this evaluation.  I thought you truly shone as a storyteller when you told about Bellina’s abuse at the hands of her aunt.  I had to remind myself that I was writing an evaluation, because I kept getting lost in the story and transfixed by Bellina’s pain.  That was the strongest section of the novel and really allowed me to see into Bellina’s heart and mind.  Dr. Lori Handelman, Clear Voice Editing

Finally, I got to read a book that didn’t seem like they were trying to sound like an old Twilight or Nicolas Sparks novel. I enjoyed how the writer described each detail so vividly and I loved the flow of the story. I can’t wait to read more from this author.  Steven Long, Amazon Paid Purchaser


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