Will Hillary Clinton run for US President in 2016?

Victoria lynn Weston recently discussed this and other questions about Yogic Numerology with Yogi Akal

Hillary Clinton(MediaQuireHillary Clinton’s birthday is October 26, 1947, will she run for President in 2016?  

Yogi:  That’s a very tricky question and I’ll tell you why.  This is a very hard year for her, and if I were her, I would be doing exactly what’s she’s doing now and not make any decision at all. She has to wait a year.  If she makes a decision now, it would really be disastrous.  If she waits a year, or even two years, it’ll be much better for her.  The problem with having a woman as president in the United States is if she’s part of the system or perceived to be part of the system, she’ll be attacked like everybody else before her.

If she’s perceived to be apart from the system, she’ll heal the country.  Whether she’s aware of this or not, this is what Hillary is trying to determine right now; is this the right time for her to be part of the system, or can she separate herself to create something very unique?

I don’t think she’s decided and not telling anyone; I think she realizes it’s the wrong time to decide. If I were her, I wouldn’t trust another single soul, at least for another year.