NightFood Nutrition Bars: Fighting America’s late-night junk food craving epidemic

It’s National Sleep Week and Daylight Saving Time Change

NightTime Bars(MediaQuire) New York, NY — NightFood™ is the first nutrition bar that provides a healthier option for that late snacking, tackles the late night cravings that impact millions, and helps support better sleep through the night.

After successful market testing and increasing ecommerce sales demand, NightFood™ is launching a crowd funding campaign on to expand distribution.

More junk food is eaten between dinner and bed than at any other time of day, according to a Massive Health analysis of almost 8 million food ratings via their Eatery iPhone app.  Further, research published last month in the International Journal of Eating Disorders many people don’t just snack at night, but that 25% of us eat such strange snacks and combinations of food at night that we’d be ashamed if others found out.

These poor nighttime food choices are shown to contribute to poor sleep, which is proven to lead to increased appetite, decreased metabolism, and more powerful unhealthy cravings.

Many sleep and nutrition experts actually recommend a proper snack before bed, especially for people who go to sleep 3 or more hours after eating dinner. NightFood is formulated to meet the caloric and nutritional profile recommended by experts, plus it contains natural biologically active ingredients to help users fall asleep more easily and it supports better quality of sleep.

“We decided to launch our campaign during National Sleep Awareness Week, right before everybody changes their clocks on Sunday,” said Folkson, who also noted that more attention is currently being focused on the dynamic link between nutrition and sleep than ever before.

NightFood is looking to raise $50,000 via indiegogo and all backers will have an opportunity to try the product. (add igg url)

About NightFood™

Sean Folkson, founder and CEO, is a former professional affiliate marketer, a visionary, and one-time insomniac. He conceived of NightFood after many sleepless nights consuming mass quantities of less than optimal nighttime food options. Folkson partnered with nutrition industry veteran Peter Leighton to develop the perfect bar for nighttime nutrition.

Media Contact:  Patrick Calderon –  (310)880-6763