Ray Caesar has been taking the world by storm with his unique haunting images.

Ray Caesar is being shown in 8 different countries world wide. United States, China, England, Canada, France, Italy, Amsterdam, and Belgium.

(MediaQuire) Ray Caesar’s works are collected by Madonna, Givenchy, The Hearst Family, Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Teese and others.

Caesar is know as the godfather of digital art. He has already had two museum shows; Bristol Museum, Bristol England and The Laguna Art Museum, Laguna California. This past year Ray Caesar represented Canada at the Lyon Bienalle.

His process is like no other in that his works are entirely digital, from its creation to its method of printing. Caesar creates models in a three dimensional modeling software and these images are then “painted”, “wrapped” and manipulated with textures he makes by motion of the mouse.   Each model is then set up with a invisible skeleton that allows him to pose and position the figure in its three dimensional environment. Digital lights and cameras are added with shadows and reflections simulating that of a real world.

Influenced by his 17 year career he had at Sick Kids Hospital, working in the art and photography department documenting disturbing cases of child abuse, surgical reconstruction, psychology, and animal research. Coupled with inspiration from French painters Antoine Watteau, Boucher, Fragonard.

Also, the period of Dutch paintings – Vermeer, the Regency in England. Other influences include 20th Century Japanese writers Ukio Mishima and Jun’ichiro Tanizaki.

Ray Caesar is managed by Belinda Chun of Gallery House. This location distributes his works and others world wide and is a unique space serving as both a management site primarily then a commercial gallery.  It is also an exclusive environment for featuring select senior and established artists regularly collected by art connoisseurs, museums; celebrities and the regular nomad.

For more information contact Gallery House at belinda@galleryhouse.ca or Tel: 416.587.0057


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