Beautiful. Broken. ToY.

(MediaQuire) LOS ANGELES, CA – This past summer, accomplished LA-based artist and filmmaker Patrick A. Chapman (PHIN) and a small film crew drove to Las Vegas to shoot the teaser for Chapman’s upcoming feature film, ToY. In the teaser, Andrea Roth (Rescue Me), plays “Pro” and schedule permitting, she will also play the role in the film. The other main character in ToY is “College,” who is loosely based on the life of Francesca Woodman, the famous American photographer who tragically took her life in 1981; “College” is played by Jillian Leigh (A Big Love Story, City Baby) in the teaser.

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The city of Las Vegas is the third main character in the teaser and the film will be shot there on location in April 2014. The teaser for ToY is available online at ToY the Movie on facebook .

ToY is a Twin Brothers Production from director Chapman produced with his twin brother Timothy Chapman along with Keith Black and DP Vernon Rudolph, executive produced by
Chris Lemole and Billy Chambers and written by Andrew Hanson.

In ToY, a gifted yet troubled young artist is in search of deeper meaning within her works. “College,” the artist, finds her muse in the embattled life of a high-end escort, “Pro,” at the end of her career in Las Vegas Nevada. ToY aims to draw attention to the inner struggles that each and every one of us face on a daily basis. It aims to highlight the fleeting possibility of dreams, the realization of failures, and the confusion of desires within our hearts. ToY is an adult story that takes on difficult subjects. It is the story about two severely broken characters who find each other.

ToY teaser available on the website here:

Chapman’s feature-film directorial debut, PHIN, which World-premiered in Los Angeles this year at Dances with Films, is currently on the film festival circuit and can next be seen October 19th at the New York City Independent Film Festival. ToY will be Chapman’s second feature film and also his second film about an artist. Chapman’s original art pieces and online viewings of PHIN are available as incentives at certain levels of the ToY Kickstarter campaign at


PRO (42) is an aging escort, clinging to the lifestyle that is slipping away from her. She has made a living off her looks but more so from her ability to read what her clients truly want, even if they don’t know what they want themselves. She spent her twenties hired out for top dollar, clients flying her all over the world and paying for her every desire. In her thirties, she focused on several wealthy, reoccurring clients who were able to keep her in the lifestyle she’d become accustom. Now she’s finding her incoming streams drying up and realizes she’s not able to pull in the money she once could. While Pro’s beauty has faded somewhat since she was a twenty-year-old, she still has cunning intelligence and complete lack of hesitation to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.


COLLEGE (24) is a tormented artist, looking for a muse. She is a perpetual outsider, who wears her oddity as a badge of honor but desperately wants to find a place she belongs. College’s mother died when she was very young, leaving her to grow up with her family’s wealth but raised by a father who resented her very existence. She battled with mental illness, drug addiction and her own sexuality, often burying herself in her photography as a way to escape. While extremely talented, College has never broken through to that next level of her work. She remains hung up on the superficial, never breaking through the shell she has built around her, but she constantly searches for that spark of inspiration that will push her and her art to the next level. ###
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