Astrologer, Best Selling Author Enters Radiotopia Podcast Contest

(MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA – After releasing a limited edition of “Threshold of Fire”, a graphic novel written and created by Constance Stellas, the story continues to receive accolades from its readers.

On April 20th, 2016, best selling author and astrologer Constance Stellas entered “Theshold of Fire”, the first edition of a twelve part series titled, “Tree of Keys” into Radiotopia’s Podcast Contest. “Tree of Keys” is a story that traces the journey of 12 orphans as they transform into Astro Heroes based on qualities, talents, and challenges of each  astrological sign…and save the world.

Radiotopia producers and PRX staff will choose three finalists, who will each receive $10,000 to produce pilots. Finalists will receive four months of editorial and technical support from the Radiotopia team.  The lucky three finalists will be announced July 6th through the 8th Podcast Movement in Chicago.

A best selling author of several books including, “Everything Sex Signs Book”, Constance Stellas has boldly ventured into the graphic novel aka comic book industry were “men outnumber women nine-to-one” – it’s a field that has always been dominated by men with masculine themes for decades. Constance Stellas hopes that entering Radiotopia’s podcast contest and being so lucky as to be a finalist will be another creative platform to tell her unique story about twelve Astro Heroes.

Constance Stellas is also a member of the prestigious AYRIAL group. For more information about “Threshold of Fire” and “Tree of Keys” series, visit Tree of Keys.  And, visit 


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