AYRIAL in Review 2017

As 2017 is slowly closing its door, we thought it was a perfect time to reflect a few minutes more on the exciting developments of the past year.

What were some of AYRIAL’s biggest highlights and advancements of the year?

Catch up on all the happenings you might have missed with our top ten blog posts, member highlights, podcasts and oh, the joy of AYRIAL’s Alexa Skills of the year!

Drum roll… presenting in no particular order, here’s what got folks gleeful about clicking, sharing, and talking in 2017:


AYRIAL Welcomes its Newest Members!

We search the globe to feature exceptional body, mind and spirit lifestyle consultants, so you don’t have to!  Whether we realize it or not, we’re all on a mission and that mission takes us down long, winding roads with the occasional bump to make us pause and rethink our plan.  When standing at the proverbial fork in the road, how do we know which way is going to be the best choice?   That’s the “ah-ha” moment when we realize we can’t navigate it alone. We need help; a guide, a mentor, coach or a connection beyond this world;  you can trust AYRIAL’s vetted feng shui consultants, astrologers, dream experts, intuitive consultants and more!

We hope you find your muse with an AYRIAL lifestyle consultant and book a session.  Prepare yourself to gain powerful insights from #thebest to help you reach your goals, provide insight to boost your confidence and maybe help you lose a few pounds!

An UpRoarious Applause to AYRIAL’s 2017 Members!

*Also, connect with other fabulous AYRIAL members as well.

AYRIAL’s Alexa Skills!

To be competitive in business twenty years ago, you needed a website.  Ten years ago, you needed a smartphone app to keep up with the competition.  Today, the future is here:  The Voice Age!   Amazon Alexa voice-activated, data-driven devices have exploded in popularity this year with sales exceeding 10 million in the U.S. However, the potential audience outreach based on RBC Capital Markets predicted that by 2020, Alexa device installations could reach 128 million!

In July, AYRIAL was the first to provide comprehensive feng shui content via voice activation, an Alexa skill for Amazon Echo devices. The AYRIAL Feng Shui skill for Alexa lets users listen to a new feng shui tip every day from a database of feng shui tips provided by Viviana Estrada. Once new Alexa users enable the AYRIAL Feng Shui skill, they can launch it by simply stating, “Alexa, open feng shui.”  Enable for free!

In September, we launched AYRIAL News Alexa Skill.  Each weekly episode enables listeners to hear AYRIAL body, mind and spirit lifestyle news iincluding meditation tips, astrology forecasts, One Minute Intuition, Simple Shui tips provided by Amanda Gibby Peters, member news and a featured podcast – conversations with AYRIAL members, great leaders, creators & intuitive thinkers!

Don’t have an Amazon Echo Device?  Listen to AYRIAL’s News on the web!

“We love utilizing the latest technologies, especially when it fits so conveniently into our home and office, as an Amazon Echo device does,” says Victoria lynn Weston, AYRIAL Founder.  “We will continue to surprise and delight our audience with additional interactive features for AYRIAL News.

AYRIAL’s Most Popular Podcasts!

AYRIAL proudly features its members on four platforms; AYRIAL TalkTime, AYRIAL Smartphone App, AYRIAL Alexa Skills and its website.  Podcasting is a wonderful way to share informative and spirited conversations from our members and other great thought leaders, entrepreneurs and intuitive thinkers.

Here’s a few of the most popular podcasts in 2017: 

AYRIAL’s Social Media Posts!

It’s no secret that we love to create custom social media graphics to showcase AYRIAL members, their services and their thoughts on topics like, intuition.  In 2017, AYRIAL’s content library created over 1250 graphics, blog posts and news and shared on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, FlipBoard, AppleNews, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

We post content a minimum of five times day to share on a whopping 12 social media outlets!  We kept our social newsfeed buzzin’ by returning to our content library and circulating news – because, not everyone will see the  gems on the first time!  Plus, repetition is good!

In the month of November,  we delivered 581 AYRIAL items!  We felt the love – throughout the year, our audience squealed in delight giving us over a combined 9500 Clicks, Likes, Shares!

Here’s a sampling of our musings:

AYRIAL’s Year in Review 2017 – read the highlights and developments! @AYRIAL7 

AYRIAL feng shui skill for ALEXA

AYRIAL, the leading online body, mind and spirit worked with Viviana Estrada to launch the first of its kind, feng shui tips for Amazon Alexa. “AYRIAL’s Daily Feng Shui Tips” –  Enable the Alexa Skill today!

Feng shui is an ancient practice developed over 3,000 years ago in China. Feng shui is not religion or superstition; it is a science because its formulas and fundamentals are based on empirical research and it is an art because experience and judgment are critical in the analysis.  Feng Shui focuses on the study of Qi (pronounced “chi”, which is vital life energy) and how it can be harnessed to create harmonious living; better health, successful career or business, and fulfilling relationships for the people inhabiting the space.  Follow AYRIAL

AYRIAL, the leading online body, mind and spirit proudly launched it’s second Amazon Alexa Skill:  AYRIAL NEWS FLASH!

Add the latest news from AYRIAL to your Flash Briefing. Updates include; AYRIAL News, One Minute Intuition, Feng Shui Holidays and Featured Podcast. We’ll keep you inspired with healthy lifestyle news to enhance your way of living.

Once you enable AYRIAL News Flash, simply ask “Alexa, what’s my news?” You’ll hear healthy lifestyle tips, member news and Featured Podcast!  Enable the Alexa Skill today!

In AYRIAL What’s News, you’ll hear the latest news on astrology, dream analysis, feng shui and more. In AYRIAL One Minute Intuition, you’ll get stories from individuals who share their intuitive experiences as well as tips for developing your intuition in 60-seconds. In Feng Shui Holidays, you’ll hear feng shui tips to plan the perfect holiday with friends and family. In AYRIAL Featured Podcast, you’ll hear lively interviews with professionals who are great leaders, creators & intuitive thinkers!  Follow AYRIAL

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