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VenusMuse has personally selected a variety of cookbooks and French Macaron tools. We hope that you will explore our recommended selections. And, we appreciate your orders through Amazon which helps keep our lifestyle community free

Lunch with business psychic Victoria lynn Weston and her client

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Business psychic takes a practical approach to the world’s second oldest profession Lunch with business psychic Victoria lynn Weston and her client “JD” The art of intuitively accessing information in ways that expand the boundaries

the intuitive factor-genius or chance?

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the intuitive factor; genius or chance? what is intuition?  who is intuitive? where does intuition come from? (MediaQuire) Produced and directed by Victoria Weston. Victoria interviews America's experts on the inner workings of the mind

Summertime Fun & Travel: Good For the Soul, Bad For the Skin

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Summertime Fun & Travel: Good For the Soul, Bad For the Skin Posted sponsored by AYRIAL, a new kind of body, mind and spirit community! Renowned, natural skincare expert shares secret list of healthy

AYRIAL TalkTime Guest Author David Low

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AYRIAL TalkTime: Spirituality and Enlightment (AYRIAL TalkTime) Host Victoria lynn Weston talks with author David low about his recently published book, Universal Spiritual Philosophy and Practice.  This book presents all the central

Must Hear Audio: Feng Shui Consultant Viviana Estrada

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Must Hear Audio: Feng Shui Consultant Viviana Estrada (AYRIAL TalkTime) Host Victoria lynn Weston talks with Feng Shui consultant and Chinese Astrologer, Viviana Estrada. What is Feng Shui?  Is Chinese Astrology similar to

What are fragrance alchemy oils and how to use them

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Must Hear Audio: Guest Trauma Consultant Lynne Smith (AYRIAL TalkTime) Victoria and  emotional trauma consultant and certified life coach Lynne Smith talk about the positive effects of fragrance alchemy for personal healing and business

Professional Psychic Medium Joins AYRIAL

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AYRIAL Welcomes Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher Lauren Bortolami (MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA - (AYRIAL) One of the country's top psychic mediums, Lauren Bortolami is now an official member of the prestigious AYRIAL "body,

AYRIAL Member Enters Radiotopia Podcast Contest

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Astrologer, Best Selling Author Enters Radiotopia Podcast Contest (MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA - After releasing a limited edition of "Threshold of Fire", a graphic novel written and created by Constance Stellas, the story