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VenusMuse has personally selected a variety of cookbooks and French Macaron tools. We hope that you will explore our recommended selections. And, we appreciate your orders through Amazon which helps keep our lifestyle community free

Lunch with business psychic Victoria lynn Weston and her client

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Business psychic takes a practical approach to the world’s second oldest profession Lunch with business psychic Victoria lynn Weston and her client “JD” The art of intuitively accessing information in ways that expand the boundaries

the intuitive factor-genius or chance?

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the intuitive factor; genius or chance? what is intuition?  who is intuitive? where does intuition come from? (MediaQuire) Produced and directed by Victoria Weston. Victoria interviews America's experts on the inner workings of the mind

Consulting a psychic

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Millions of dollars are spent every year on psychics, should you consult a psychic?  Business Psychic Victoria lynn Weston sheds light on the benefits of consulting a psychic-intuitive (MediaQuire) ( ) In the

Astro Heroes to be featured at Heroes and Villains Convention

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“This is an epic cosmic story.” - Ptolemy (AYRIAL) What would the world look like under twelve Astro Heroes?  You'll have to read the first issue of  best selling author and astrologer Constance Stellas'

AYRIAL welcomes newest member

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AYRIAL Proudly Welcomes Light Body Meditation Teacher & Author (MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA - AYRIAL proudly welcomes Margaret A. Harrell, a Light Body Meditation Teacher and author to its prestigious group. Margaret A. Harrell is

Avoiding the Aches and Pain of Plane Travel

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Avoiding the Aches and Pain of Plane Travel Just in time for summer vacation, expert shares simples exercises you can do while traveling on a plane (MediaQuire) Summertime means vacation season. Between Memorial

A psychic medium and a spiritual medium – is there a difference?

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AYRIAL TalkTime Guest - Is there a difference between a psychic or spiritual medium? (AYRIAL TalkTime) Host Victoria lynn Weston talks with Lauren Bortolami, an authentic, natural born psychic medium discusses the difference

AYRIAL TalkTime Chinese BaZi Astrologer

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Must Hear Audio: Guest Chinese Astrologer Sasha Lee (AYRIAL TalkTime) Host Victoria lynn Weston talks with the multi-talented Sasha Lee about Chinese Astrology (BaZi) and how King's used this divination tool to take over