Foster Kids to get help from Margaret Iuculano and Indiegogo campaign

Margaret Iuculano launches “Wish it” Charity Campaign for Foster Kids

Angels for Foster Kids - Helping you help the children


Tampa, Florida –  Angels for Foster Kids’ Founder, Margaret Iuculano announced today it will raise funds through Indiegogo Campaign to help foster kids.

Angels for Foster Kids’ Founder, Margaret Iuculano is encouraging child advocates to support her longtime vision to help fulfill the “wishes” of  foster kids, a non-profit (501c3) organization she established in 2007.  ”Wish it” is leading a strong effort powered by to raise funds to help fulfill wishes of foster kids.

The “Wish it” campaign is the first official project partnering with Indiegogo.  The goal is to raise awareness about the needs of foster kids but ultimately to help fulfill their own wishes.  Additionally, the organization will continue to provide basic necessities such as food, school clothing and educational grants.

“This campaign signifies a big step in making our “Wish it” vision a reality, and the empowerment that we have as a group to help many foster kids in Florida,” Margaret Iuculano said.

In order to reach their goal of $25,000, Angels for Foster Kids is counting on its staunch supporters to help turn a dream into a reality. The monetary allocation will support “Wish it”: $15,000 will help fulfill foster kids’ wishes;  $10,000 will enable the purchase of a clothing, school supplies and educational resources.

Angels for Foster Kids ToteDonors can select a perk for their contribution: a $25 donation perk is a Angel Wings digital graphic to share socially; $500 donors receive a custom designed large tote featuring Angel Wings and “I Am an Angel”,  and two $5000 contributors can have the grant in the name of their chosing.

Contributions can be made via the Indiegogo:  until March 7, 2014.

For further information on Angels for Foster Kids: