Just Look into Your Own Crystal Ball or Read the Tea Leaves

(MediaQuire) How many times have you found yourself wishing you could see into your future or predict what might happen to someone else you are close with?  Whether you wonder if you’ll find the man or woman of your dreams, find the job you have always hoped for, or reunite with your oldest friend, the future is always on our mind.  Thanks to Titania Hardie, Britain’s most famous White Witch and Jane Lyle, best-selling author and famed astrologist, knowing what our fates holds for us can be a lot of fun to discover!

TITANIA’S CRYSTAL BALL kit (Shelter Harbor Press) puts the art of crystallomancy in the palm of your hand.  Crystal ball gazing is one of the world’s simplest and oldest forms of divination and Titania Hardie is the ideal guide to get you started on your journey.  This crystal ball comes in a beautifully designed gift box and is accompanied by a ring stand and 96-page illustrated guide that provides all the answers you will need as you open your mind to your own ability to “see” the future.

cup of destiny cup-of-destiny1Reading tea leaves (or even coffee grounds) is a traditional divinatory art that has been passed down through the generations.  Jane Lyle’s CUP OF DESTINY kit (Shelter Harbor Press) reveals the secrets of this ancient method, allowing you to make predictions for you and those closest to you.  If you see a horse, for example, you may need all your strength and patience for the next few days.  An ivy leaf shows that you need endurance and faith now, but you will win the support of your friends.  This gorgeous cup and saucer, based on an original Edwardian design, comes in a lovely gift box and provides a helpful guide book explaining the meaning of over 200 symbols that possess the answers to what your future may hold.

Whether you are looking for that last second Christmas present or thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day and even Mother’s crystal ballDay, TITANIA’S CRYSTAL BALL and THE CUP OF DESTINY are the ideal gift for the “future-lookers” in your life.  Share the visions of your future with friends and family or keep them to yourself — the choice is yours.  What will you see?