“Transformation isn’t certain. It’s desired.
It’s a mudslinging brawl where your soul wins.”

Recently I was introduced to Melanie Dewberry. She’s a life coach who puts emphasis on the importance of a person’s personal and spiritual growth. She is a public speaker, and “soul-namer,” who speaks to audiences across the world.

Intrigued with Melanie’s approach, I set-up an interview.

What inspired you to take this path as a spiritual coach?

I’m have been heavily influenced by my Native American heritage and couldn’t divorce what I’ve learned and become with want I want to do for work.  Though it wasn’t popular to call myself a spiritual coach I knew then what  I know now that we are always searching for meaning and purpose, for a deeper connection with ourselves and each other. The answers cannot come from logic or rational thinking. They won’t be found by being educated or making six figures. It comes from self reflection, diving deep into the soul.

How does your intuition fit or not fit into your life personally and professionally?

Oh, it’s all about the intuition. Being present – really present with another, listening to what’s important, what’s in the way of they want and who they critical. And, when I am that present to another human intuition is present too. Intuition let’s me hear what is not being said between the words. My intuition forms the questions, challenges clients, and informs when compassion is needed when the client isn’t exhibiting a need I can feel it.

How can a client benefit from your services?

I worked with a high level executive who is a success in business. She contacted me because something wasn’t working for her and she didn’t know why or what. Within a few sessions I decided to ask her about a topic she never mentioned, which was “tell me about your art”.  She was an artist who was in the closet. She hadn’t touched her art in years because she was so busy with her business but she wasn’t feeling complete. Turns out  she was making all her decisions based on income for years. Most people do. It’s how we are trained to believe that making money is more relevant than attending to our soul while we make money. She is now moving to a small town of France from where she can work and live in artist community to do her art.

Client after client have substantial spiritual breakthroughs where they realize they have negotiated who they are for what the world has told them they should want. Spiritual coaching taking negotiation and comprise of the soul off the table.

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t want access to their own joy, purpose and having a meaningful impact. That takes consciousness also known as self awareness and deleting old behaviors, believes and thinking that is the obstacle of leading a soulful life.

I’ve worked with writers, inmates, parents, executives, nonprofit employees, low income, high income, men, women etc. Everyone wants the same thing even if in the moment they don’t realize what they want.

How does a client prepare for your services?

I have an in depth process that has then define who they are, where they are, what they want and what are the gaps. There is a lot of inner work that they have to complete and they need to commit to at least six months  of ongoing coaching. They have to be done with excuses and circumstances and being willing to be vulnerable. I also ask my clients to being a meditation practice.

What can a client expect?

Spiritual Breakthroughs!

Melanie DewBerry spends her days coaching future “purposepreneurs,” as she likes to refer to those who seek her advice. In her sessions, she instills courage, soul resonance, and even some financial tips to help people who have lost their way in life.

Melanie DewBerry specializes in “Soul Naming,” which she says is similar to a brand for the soul. She encourages claiming one’s identity and exercising our genius.  Soul Naming is her method of connecting to a poetic, straightforward, higher consciousness.

Melanie DewBerry is also an accomplished public speaker whose down-to-earth approach opens doors to applicable conversations on consciousness in business and life. She has been a featured speaker for TEDx conferences, University seminars, the U.S. Social Security Administration, and several other business and self-help engagements.

If you would like to learn more about Melanie Dewberry, visit her on her website www.melaniedewberry.com.