Paranormal Lockdown hosts are Victoria lynn Weston’s Guests on AYRIAL TalkTime

“… Suddenly, this huge, big blob appeared out of nowhere and manifested itself into a figure and then slowly slithered across the floor disappearing into the wall…” – Nick Groff, Paranormal Lockdown

paranormal lockdown(MediaQuire) Today, AYRIAL TalkTime host, Victoria lynn Weston talks with the incredible ghost hunters of PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN, Katrina Weidman and Nick Groff!  Listen to find how out these type individuals prepared themselves to be “Locked Down” for 72 hours in dilapidated buildings with paint peeling off the walls, cold and damp with… no “safe” words allowed! 
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Premieres Friday, March 4 at 10/9c 
For Katrina, it’s her first time inside Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, the enormous, abandoned and historically haunted facility in Weston, West Virginia.  For Nick, it is a return to the place where he had one of his most profound paranormal experiences.  Back in 2009 during a one-night investigation, Nick encountered what he would late describe as a shadow figure on the fourth floor.  Returning now for 72 hours will give him a chance to encounter that spirit once again.  But as they say, be careful what you wish for. What Nick and Katrina capture on their third night of confinement can only be described as groundbreaking, incredible and completely terrifying.

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Premiering next Friday, Destination America’s six-part series PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN, hosted by Nick Groff (formerly of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures) and co-hosted by Katrina Weidman (formerly of A&E’s Paranormal State), follows the two as they confine themselves in America’s most terrifying places for an unprecedented 72 hours straight. Living at haunted locations, many of which have never before been seen on television, some being investigated for the first time ever, Groff and Weidman believe that the longer they stay, the more the spirits will communicate with them and the more information they can gather about the unknown. Stretching the limits of paranormal investigation, PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN premieres on Friday, March 4 at 10/9c exclusively on Destination America.

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