Psychic Victoria lynn Weston Announces the Development of Runes Casting Mobile App

Victoria lynn Weston develops interactive Runes Casting App for Intuitive Decision Making.

(MediaQuire) Business psychic and entrepreneur Victoria lynn Weston announced today the new development of her Runes Casting mobile app for Android users.

The Runes Casting App is an interactive tool for intuitive decision making. The App offers users the freedom to consult the Runes for insights to their personal and professional questions using their smartphones or tablets.  For over 15 years, Victoria lynn Weston consulted with individuals, produced documentaries and has recently embarked on the development of divination programs by producing interactive software that provides universal access to resources and tools to explore divination as well as further develop individuals’ innate intuitive and psychic abilities.  One of the oldest divination tools – Runes –  is an ancient yet sophisticated intuitive decision making tool that enhances the quality of decision making.

“There are millions smartphone users today that give individuals instant access to divination tools. Consulting the Runes via smartphone and tablets allows users to gain immediate insights and decision-making guidance in any setting they find themselves, ”  Victoria lynn Weston explains.

Runes work best when you concentrate on a specific question and then randomly select your runes to create a unique spread. Rune readings or “castings” can be enigmatic and intriguing – leaving interpretation up to you and your intuition to define the answer.  If you don’t like the answer you receive, you have “free will” to change your course of direction as every decision you make influences your path.

“Rune Casting” is often seen by many people as something very similar to “fortune telling”, which is inaccurate.  Rune Casting works more deeply with the subconscious mind and is more like a guidance of the present, not the future.  As an individual asks a question, their entire conscious and subconscious mind becomes focused on that one question and thus, instinctively drawn to a particular rune.

The Runes Casting App is expected to be released during Valentine’s Week, “just in time to ask questions about love, romance and personal relationships,” says Victoria lynn Weston. To download the new Runes Casting App, visit Google Play.  Free downloads with master level affordably priced at $4.95. For more information visit  or or

As Founder of Psychic Eye Q, Victoria lynn Weston has produced Test Your ESP with Zener Cards and Mystic Rena – Fortune Teller mobile apps.