Psychic Visionary Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for the World’s First Healers of the Earth Oracle Cards

“The Healers of the Earth Oracle Cards will enable users to expand beyond the personal life focus to the collective energy.”

(MediaQuire)  The AYRIAL Association of body, mind and spirit lifestyle consultants proudly announces that one of its members, psychic visionary and EFT practitioner Mandy Peterson has launched an IndieGoGo campaign for her newly created Healers of the Earth Oracle Cards. 

Nature and healing are the main themes for Healers of the Earth Oracle Cards. The cards divided into suits with 8 cards in each suit. The suits are air, earth, water, fire, ice, purification, spiritual hygiene, healing, and technology.  The manual will contain detailed definitions on how to use the cards to not only give a general oracle reading, but to read the collective energy as well as personal healing. 

Healers of the Earth Oracle cards are unique, you’re not likely to find similarities in a standard angel card, Tarot, or oracle deck.  While most oracle decks contain less cards than a standard Tarot deck, a deck of Peterson’s Healers of the Earth Oracle Cards includes 72 cards just as the Tarot card deck.

Peterson seeks to raise funds to cover the cost of quality printing for her original Healers of the Earth Oracle Cards that is both economical and environmentally conscious.

Donors who contribute $25 will be sent a one deck of the Healers of the Earth Oracle Cards and $120 contributors will receive an oracle deck along with name credit in the manual as a contributor.

For more details including additional perk opportunities, visit: IndieGoGo campaign:

 Psychic Visionary Launches Campaign for Healers of the Earth Oracle Cards. @mandythemystic @AYRIAL7


mandy-peterson-psychic visionary, creator of HEALERS OF THE EARTH ORACLE CARDS

Mandy is the author of A Guest in Their Universe: An Earth Empath’s Dialogue with Nature and Animals and  I Am the Lotus, Not the Muddy Pond, both available on Amazon.

A psychic visionary, empath and EFT Practitioner, Mandy Peterson helps empower those struggling within themselves and their relationships. Her desire is to help empower those struggling within themselves and their relationships, as well as to help others understand a bigger picture which includes the collective and our planet. Mandy is an environmental activist and minimalist. She strives to live as environmentally as possibly within her means.

Mandy Peterson Bio & Services

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