SEO Press Releases

SEO encoded press releases boost search rankings help to connect the media and your customers

(MediaQuire)  Today, getting your company news release published to online media outlets, blogs and social media portals has far more advantages than delivering solely to traditional media outlets.

MediaQuire delivers your news to targeted media sources and to online new media outlets to help you reach potential customers – or anyone seeking information about you, your company, products and services.

For you and your company, you have the advantage to reach the media and customers quickly with your SEO encoded online press release and/or SEO encoded blog posts.

Visualize this:

  • SEO encoded news releases rank higher in search engines when anybody, including traditional and new media sources searches the internet with “keywords” using search engines like Google, BING, etc.

The SEO drill down:

  • SEO (search engine optimization) is when your news release or blog post links specific keywords with “alt descriptions” back to your website or specific web-page. For example, Jim Bell Real Estate is a keyword used in Beasley Real Estate SEO news releases.
  • Other keywords for Beasley Real Estate include “longtail keywords”, sheila mooney beasley real estate is #2 on Google.   In addition, Beasley Real Estate is #3, #4, #5 with the MediaQuire news releases.

Under the Hood:

  • Search engines like Google reads and understands meta tag information.  Here’s the meta tag, keywords, description used for Beasley Real Estate news release announcing the availability of a new penthouse on the market:  
  • Meta Tag Description: “Beasley Real Estate announces the availability of a new luxury Penthouse condominium located on 2501 Pennsylvania Avenue – #2B Washington, DC 20037”
  • Keywords: “jim bell beasley real estate, trent heminger beasley real estate, sheila mooney realtor, vann ross realtor, beasley real estate,beasley real estate,beasley real estate. georgetown real estate,dc luxury real estate,luxury real estate” />If you search other keywords in the meta tag such as “trent heminger beasley real estate”

SEO encoded company news helps media and customers find you by ranking higher in Google:

  • Writers, reporters, journalists search the internet to find media expert sources, fresh news about industries and experts to quote when writing stories.   MediaQuire will SEO encoded your news to maximize search rankings and help drive traffic to your website.  Your news – company – products – services will rank higher in internet searches and thus be at the fingertips of media and customers.
  • Based on your news, we’ll  link up appropriate keywords to SEO encode your news release or blog post, this will help your  news rank higher and drive traffic to your website.
  • The media and customers will see your news releases, blogs and web pages and learn about you, your company and services.

Delivering your company news on a regular basis, i.e., weekly, bi-monthly or monthly keeps your content fresh.  And, fresh content is what search engines like Google want.  Google typically archives news past 30 days.  Stay active with your company news, it doesn’t matter if your news is a Media Alert, a brief or feature length news release – building your online profile builds opportunities and expands your business.

SEO Press Release – We work with You

The MediaQuire team works with a variety of  authors, writers and business owners who have unique goals.  Therefore, we don’t apply a “one size fits all” approach.  We discuss your needs to either write or edit your news release or blog posts.  We will SEO encode your preferred keywords and include “alt tags” and html links to your website and specific web pages.  This will boost search engine rankings.

Contact us today.  We provide flexible payment arrangements so you can utilize the advantage of SEO optimization of your news and blog posts. We look forward to hearing from you.  Please click to use the contact form or call 800.799.1162

We can also provide

  • Your Custom Press Room on MediaQuire.  This is a great way to archive your news and it becomes a media portal for search engines to find information about you and our company. Explore the customization and branding of Beasley Real Estate.
  • Join our Media Expert Source center.  MediaQuire Expert Sources is a community of professionals from varied fields to serve the media when they are seeking experts to write stories about, or to quote for news articles, blog posts, etc.

Contact us and let’s discuss how MediaQuire can help you and your business.