Beasley Real Estate - Washington DC(MediaQuire)  – Washington, DCBeasley Real Estate, LLC, is proud to release the Fall 2015 edition of Home this week.

For national and international buyers, Home is a visual essay about the best real estate properties in the Washington region.

Our sixth edition of Home, Fall 2015, showcases a collection of the most beautiful and significant properties that are currently listed or have been recently sold by Beasley’s agents. In addition to the exquisite photography, Home also highlights our latest business and philanthropic achievements. Each issue will be available in a limited edition print and online.

To view the online version of Volume 3, Issue 2 – Fall 2015, click on the image or visit us at

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Beasley Real Estate, Washington DC fine propertiesBeasley Real Estate evolved out of years of reflection on creating a different kind of real estate firm: one that hires the best agents, sells the best properties and is solely focused on achieving the best results for each and every client. No other firm operates using the “client first, brand second” model. We believe it’s the best approach. To learn more about Beasley Real Estate and its agents, visit