August is Brake Safety Awareness Month

It’s important that women know about car repairs before handing the keys over to that new mechanic.
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Consider this: Millions of women take their car to the mechanic every month; But a recent study by RepairPal found that women were quoted for services 50% to 72% more than men for the exact same service in big cities like San Francisco, L.A., NYC.

What can you do to avoid getting overcharged for the preventative work your car really needs?
Jill Trotta – Automotive Group Director at RepairPal, a company that provides free price estimates and a nationwide network of certified repair shops — knows that a good mechanic is hard to find, so she’s used her expertise to pull together some advice.

5 Car Repair Tips


  • Make sure you read your owners manual and know your maintenance schedule; good shops will perform service based on it.


  • Never be afraid to ask questions or to be shown the problem. A good shop will be happy to show and tell the problem.


  •  Like visiting a doctor,   in auto repair, cheap isn’t good and good isn’t cheap. Be prepared to pay a fair price for the repairs that are needed, but be careful not to overpay.


>> Treat the repair shop like a relationship. Be prepared to end the relationship if you see red flags or simply feel uncomfortable.

RepairPal was created to solve the costly problem of untrustworthy repair shops; RepairPal independently certifies auto repair shops nationwide for superior training, quality tools, a minimum 12-month/12,000-mile warranty and guarantees fair pricing.

Using RepairPal’s online tools, mobile website and certified network before your trip eliminates the struggle to find a quality auto mechanic near you and the hassle of shopping around for estimates; it will give you average prices, help you find an excellent warranty that you can trust, present you with shops that have been thoroughly screened by master auto mechanics, and will show you **verified** customer reviews.

For more tips on how to drive smarter this summer and keep your family safe on the road, visit Repair Pal.

*AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit

About RepairPal

repair-pal-logoRepairPal was founded in 2007 by a group of automobile enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who were frustrated by the expensive and tedious process of fixing and maintaining their vehicles. They created RepairPal to provide drivers with the most accurate, unbiased, and useful car ownership information available. RepairPal is not owned, in whole or in part, by any automobile manufacturer, dealership, or auto repair facility.RepairPal offers a stress-free, time-saving method of obtaining all the relevant information conscientious consumers need. Unlike any other online resource, RepairPal provides impartial, fair price estimates, the most comprehensive auto shop directory, and expert insights and advice from certified mechanics. RepairPal’s unique, patent-pending system relies on multiple sources of difficult-to-acquire proprietary data that has never before been available to consumers.

RepairPal also provides a centralized online location where your records can be maintained for the entire ownership cycle of your vehicle. Emails will remind you of an upcoming oil change or scheduled service (coming soon). It’s our pleasure to provide all of these features free of charge!