From Cop to Psychic – You Don’t Need Psychics or Mediums to Connect with Spirit

says Leslie N. Bank, author of The Receptivity Project – Make the Connection

receptivity project book(MediaQuire) “Everyone has intuition and anyone can channel,” says Leslie N. Bank, the author of THE RECEPTIVITY PROJECT: Make the Connection. Bank was a lieutenant for the Baltimore Police Department, where she served for almost twenty-five years before she retired. According to Bank, intuition is a basic survival skill that cops constantly rely on. “It keeps us safe by alerting us to danger and giving us clues about how to remain safe, says Bank. “My intuition saved my life on two occasions,” she adds.

In THE RECEPTIVITY PROJECT Bank gives readers the tools to turn on your intuition, which is always available but often silenced by reason. “Intuition can always be trusted over logic,” says Bank who adds, “If you get an intuitive message about something, you should never ignore it.”

Her book explores the mystical aspect of life. According to Bank, just as we are all intuitive, we all have the capability of connecting to the spiritual dimension. Psychics and mediums are born into the range of vibration that allows them to receive messages from spirit easily but we all have the same abilities they have. “Make no mistake, you are now and always have been receiving messages from spirit,” says Bank, who helps readers understand the language of spirit and how our guides communicate with us.

Bank provides advice for making the connection with your spirit guides including:

  • Why balancing your energy through meditation or a walk in the woods is essential to achieve the tranquility needed to make the connection with spirit
  • Why what you eat has a huge effect on your body and your vibration. Only two types of food can balance your energy and some food, such as sugar, will actually lower your vibration. Food is a game changer that can quickly help you feel more balanced
  • Why your spiritual health is greatly influenced by your emotions. Negative emotions such as fear, jealousy, hatred, emotional pain, resentment, will lower your vibration and make it difficult to get in touch with the spiritual realm
  • Why love, which is the frequency of spirit, will raise your vibration and make it easier to make contact with spirit and why negative emotions will lower your vibration making contact more difficult
  • Why it is important to ask for what you need. Your spirit guides will do whatever they can do, within the laws under which they operate, to assist you.

There is nothing to fear from making your own connections with spirit. Leslie Bank has provided the guidelines to keep you safely within the light that contains all that is beautiful. Stay focused and be patient. You never know when your breakthrough is coming, so don’t stop trying. It’s important, and your spirit guides want to reach you.

Bank attempted to channel for a year before she made her first breakthrough. Now it’s as easy for her as turning on a light switch. Bank says “the day you connect to the light will be the most amazing day of your life and well worth the effort.”

The Receptivity Project is now available on Amazon. 


Leslie N. Bank retired from the Baltimore Police Department as a lieutenant after serving for nearly twenty-five years, and now works as a security consultant. Bank graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Master of Science degree. A Reiki master, Bank has channeled spirits for about five years, beginning with an extraordinary experience with the spirit realm while meditating. She firmly believes that if she can make this profound connection, other willing people can do so too. Bank lives in Columbia, Maryland, with her eight-year-old son.


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