AYRIAL Introduces Adena Bannick, Spiritual Medium, Angel Practitioner®

(MediaQuire)  Adena Bannick is a psychic medium and an angel practitioner®.  She utilizes her abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudio and clairsentience; which means the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others to relay messages from your loved ones that comes through in a psychic reading – if they need to get a message to you. One of Adena’s strong points in mediumship is her ability to know how and why someone passed over.

For over eighteen years, Adena Bannick has consulted with individuals and has gained a loyal following by using her abilities with an honest and compassionate approach to assist her clients in all  area of their lives.   She continues to hon her abilities, she has been certified and has trained under Charles Virtue, Tina Marie Bertoli, and taken a variety of workshops with James Van Praagh.  She is also a  Usui Shiki Ryoho  Reiki Master.

“We welcome Adena and her unique gifts and believe she’ll make a significant contribution to provide individuals with accurate and authentic insight,” said Victoria lynn Weston, President and Founder of AYRIAL. “She is among the exceptional group of spiritual mediums who feel confident that they can connect to an individual’s spirit guides or as Adena says, ‘their angels.'”

Adena Bannick said, “AYRIAL is the first community of Spiritual Consultants that I have ever wanted to be part of, in the last 15 years of on-line professionals. There is no other community, that I have seen feature, ‘genuinely, qualified, dedicated, top notch consultants’ to create a community of teaching, consulting and guiding.  AYRIAL is member community of professionals, that I myself would chose to consult with.”

In addition, Adena Bannick is working on developing virtual classes to teach others how to develop their spiritual medium gifts.

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Adena Bannick

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