AYRIAL Welcomes Amanda Gibby Peters, Founder of Simple Shui

AYRIAL-FB-2(MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA – AYRIAL, a distinguished association of the world’s leading body, mind and spirit lifestyle consultants proudly welcomes Amanda Gibby Peters, Founder of Simple Shui.

“Amanda is a terrific feng shui consultant and writer who has a unique brand approach to simplifying feng shui so individuals can easily understand and effectively engage their home or office with feng shui,” commented Victoria lynn Weston, AYRIAL President and Founder.  “The combination of her depth of expertise in feng shui, space clearing, feng shui workshops and presentation is outstanding and I am thrilled to have her join our group.”

Previous to launching Simple Shui, Amanda Gibby Peters received a degree in political science which provided her the opportunity to work, lunch and socialize with world leaders including Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  She has dedicated over fifteen years to simplifying feng shui to inspire readers and clients to achieve the gorgeous life they dream of.

“Simple shui is about empowerment – our living + working spaces are an opportunity to influence what is happening in our lives right now. Physically. Professionally. Personally. PROFOUNDLY. But like learning any new skill, shui requires consistent participation. That’s why I am in LOVE with AYRIAL – it effortlessly brings the learning to you and into your space for immediate application and practice,” says Amanda Gibby Peters.  “The community Victoria has gathered on this platform, you are always within reach of guidance and inspiration necessary to live the life you deserve.”

Peters believes that our homes speak in metaphor and the energy that comes into our space influences how we interact with the outside world. And those metaphors influence our well-being, personal and professional relationships, prosperity, and happiness.  If you squander your space, it can deplete valuable energy resources that are needed to curate a good life.  It’s a “Simple Shui” philosophy.

For more information about Amanda Gibby Peters, visit:

Amanda Gibby Peters

Founder of Simple Shui newest AYRIAL member!  @simpleshui @AYRIAL7 

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