9 08, 2020

Avocado Oil Company Launches Alexa Skill

Alexa Skill Shares Healthy Benefits of Avocado Oil (MediaQuire)  Atlanta, GA / Studio

18 03, 2020

Amazon Alexa Skill offers ways to cook nutritionally

New York City Chef Launches Amazon Alexa Skill to Help People Curate Healthy Meals

25 05, 2017

Psychic Visionary Launches IndieGoGo Healers of the Earth Oracle Cards

Psychic Visionary Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for the World's First Healers of the Earth Oracle

21 10, 2016

Meet the Top Feng Shui Consultants who work with Business Owners

AYRIAL Reveals their Top Feng Shui Consultants who work with Business Owners

22 06, 2016

Astro Heroes to be featured at Heroes and Villains Convention

“This is an epic cosmic story.” - Ptolemy (AYRIAL) What would the world look

10 06, 2016

AYRIAL TalkTime Benefits of Feng Shui

AYRIAL TalkTime: International Feng Shui Consultant "Change your environment and you'll change

6 06, 2016

Angel Practitioner Spiritual Medium newest AYRIAL Member

AYRIAL Introduces Adena Bannick, Spiritual Medium, Angel Practitioner® (MediaQuire)  Adena Bannick is

24 04, 2016

AYRIAL Member Enters Radiotopia Podcast Contest

Astrologer, Best Selling Author Enters Radiotopia Podcast Contest (MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA -

17 04, 2016

Writer Producer of KIDs Radio AYRIAL TalkTime Guest

Lively Conversation about intuition with Alex Gordon, Producer of: Kids' Radio

1 03, 2016

What’s the difference between traditional astrology vs Jungian astrology?

Astrologer discusses the difference between Jungian vs Traditional Astrology    Jungian