ChickDriven Debunks Myths and Empowers Women with Car Buying Experience on International Women’s Day

(MediaQuire) In celebration of International Women’s Day today, ChickDriven is taking steps towards gender parity by empowering women with knowledge. Women are already in the driver’s seat and overtaking men on the road — 80 percent of car buying decisions today are up to females. With that kind of force, it’s more important than ever for women to stop being taken for rides in the car-shopping experience.

As America’s #1 car website for women, is dedicated to helping women navigate the often confusing and overwhelming experience of car buying. ChickDriven is leading the way with honest, informative car reviews, advice about auto financing and insurance, and other helpful tools to choose the right car.

Ruby Davis founder of ChickDriven To drive the empowerment message home on this auspicious day, ChickDriven created a tongue-in-cheek video dispelling the too-often social belief that gold diggers are only women. The light-hearted video  proves appearances can be deceiving as tables are turned. The video shows a guy choosing what he thinks is a rich, prosperous woman over a drab, scruffy one only to discover he’s been duped. The dowdy one is really the highly successful, wealthy boss lady who happens to drive the Mercedes SLR — the fastest McLaren SLR in the world (1/4 mile) and modified by Renntech with a Mansory body kit (seen above).

“We’re debunking myths about women in many ways and the video is a fun way we hope to spark a conversation about how to take steps together towards gender parity by everyone,” says Ruby Davis founder of ChickDriven (pictured at left). “It’s important to maintain an authentically female point of view that understands and acknowledges that women have different priorities, objectives, and challenges than men when it comes to buying a car.”

Davis’ own experience as a first-time car buyer left her feeling like she got taken for a ride. “I purchased a car with all the glitz and glamour, thought I had an amazing deal package but was delivered with the basic package paying premium price. I think that car salesmen see a woman and they assume it’ll be easy to take advantage of her,” says Davis. “ChickDriven empowers women like me to make informed decisions about what car to buy and how much they should pay for it.”

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