AYRIAL presents Facebook Friday

AYRIAL-FB-2(MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA –  AYRIAL announced today that it will launch Facebook Friday to feature a select psychic, medium or astrologer to answer Fan questions on their Facebook page!

Do you have a burning question about romance?  Are you thinking of relocating to find a better job?  Or, should you write that book or not?  Simply “LIKE” the AYRIAL Facebook page and post a question.

This will be your chance to ask questions with one of AYRIAL’s lifestyle consultants, psychic-intuitive Claudia Brownlie.

Where: On the AYRIAL Facebook Page. [click]

When: Friday, February 19th 1-2 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Meet psychic-intuitive Claudia Brownlie who will be LIVE on Facebook and will offer thoughtful answers on questions that time allows for. If you prefer to keep your questions private or remain anonymous, that’s easy!  Simply send a private message via AYRIAL’s facebook page.  We’ll post your question for Claudia to answer.

Claudia has been providing psychic intuitive consultations since 1985. She studied  under the tutelage of Irene Rucinski, and is a certified graduate from Irene’s Psychic Development classes that were offered at the Michigan Metaphysical Society (MMS).   “Through my God-given gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and mediumship it has been a great joy to utilize these abilities to assist others. Another way to understand what I do is that I am very intuitive and empathetic.”

The AYRIAL network currently has more than 15 lifestyle consultants that include respected psychic-intuitive consultants, astrologers, spiritual life coaches and spiritual mediums. AYRIAL lifestyle consultants work independently and offer their clients honest insight and advice to help them grow personally, professionally and spiritually.

To learn more about psychic-intuitive Claudia Brownlie, visit: 

Claudia Brownlie

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