Directing Your Destiny Author Jennifer Grace has a New Web Series

direct-destiny(Ayrial) – Atlanta – Jennifer Grace is a Hay House author Directing Your Destiny, former SAG actress, and Executive Transformational coach who teaches Stanford University’s famous Creative in Business course worldwide.  Grace helps people become unstuck in their day-to-day and make change towards a fulfilling and more balanced life.  People from all walks of life attend her seminars and workshops to transform their lives in ways that once seemed impossible.

Each show features a special guest who can offer their experiences with transformational growth from high-powered attorneys to psychologists. Recent grads from Grace’s course include: 1) an executive at MTV now pursuing her dream of working with kids; 2) a struggling New York businessman who went from thousands of dollars in debt to a millionaire; and 3) a Miami “power couple” who met through the course and are now happily married. Grace just launched her own original web-based series called The Jennifer Grace show (Think Oprah Meets Saturday Night Live) Blending her two loves of comedy and transformation, here is a preview of the Jennifer Grace 1st Episode.
Jennifer Grace is the founder of Jennifer Grace Enterprises. She began her career on Wall Street in investment banking before becoming a SAG actress (IMDB Jennifer Safina) and finally finding her calling as a Transformational Coach.  She is a Hay House author and radio host whose book Directing Your Destiny is based on the famed Stanford Masters Degree Course, ‘Creativity in Business.’ Her curriculum helps students “get unstuck” in their lives and empowers them with practical tools and techniques to “make $h!t happen.”

Jennifer is a regular Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen contributor. Her retreat company Omluxe takes individuals to divine destinations while also donating 100% of the proceeds to different causes in the regions they are visiting. She also partnered with Matt Damon in his foundation and raised money for a clean water incentive in Peru. In November 2015, Omluxe will go to India to raise money for female entrepreneurs to kick-start their businesses.

Directing Your Destiny is available through Amazon. Connect with Jennifer on


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