(MediaQuire)  Tampa, FL – Founder of Angels for Foster Kids, Margaret Iuculano  is proud to announce she will join the Duffels for Kids Walk as a spokesperson.

A former foster child herself,  she was shuffled among more than a dozen foster homes and aged out of the system at 16 years old.  Margaret details those experiences in her memoir, My God Box, Parable of the Incorrigible Child.

“If I can share my journey with other foster children they will know that no matter how difficult life starts out that you can still become succesful just keep your dreams alive,” says Margaret, a former foster child.  If anyone knows the feeling of changing foster homes, Margaret Iuculano does.  She was moved from foster home to foster home more than a dozen times – her wordly belongings handed to her in a black trash bag.

Today Margaret is married with two children, and is a businesswoman who has held leadership positions in fortune 500 companies and was CEO of her own small business.  She received multiple business awards before becoming a staunch advocate for foster kids. In 2007, she founded Angels for Foster Kids, Inc.; a social service organization that attempts to moderate the negative impacts that are often faced by children who are living in foster care.

Duffels for Kids states on their website; “In the world of foster care, trash bags are often synonymous with luggage. It shouldn’t be and the Florida State Foster/Adoptive Parent Association is doing something about it. Through the Duffels for Kids program, every child in foster care will receive a free duffel bag to call his or her own, even as they transition back to their biological parents or to another permanent family.”

“Foster children is not something many people think about and it is my mission to change that,” says Margaret Iuculano. “I am excited to take an active role in Duffels for Kids to help provide them with a duffel bag to replace the system’s black trash bag – it’ll give them a sense of dignity when moving their worldly goods from foster home to foster home.”

Angels for Foster Kids  (www.angelsforfosterkids.org) is a 501 c3 not for profit organization who works to improve the lives of children going through our child welfare system. We work to create awareness and advocate on behalf of abused and neglected children. For more information on how you can help a foster child in  your community, visit www.angelsforfosterkids.org. Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/AngelsforFosterKids or follow our news on Twitter at twitter.com/angels4kids.